In Which Jenn Suffers A Garmin Emergency

Okay, so, my Garmin Forerunner 230, greatest Christmas present of all time, developed a crack in the watch face a few months back. It was a little concerning, but the watch continued to work fine, so I assumed it was superficial. This theory was borne out by runs in the rain and even a couple dunks in the ocean (the Forerunner is rated up to 5ATM for swimming). It had a cosmetic defect, sure, and it was getting a little behind on the tech, yes, but basically my Garmin was working fine. … Until last Sunday, when I was...

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GPS watch

In Which Jenn Gets A New GPS Watch Band

A month or two ago I noticed that my GPS watch band was starting to crack. Now, I’m an adult, so I did the adult thing: I slapped some masking tape over the affected area and carried on with my life. Problem solved! Unfortunately, a few weeks later, the band legit just fell right off my wrist, so a new plan was needed. Now, this watch is almost four years old and has a mysterious crack in the face, but otherwise works great and has plenty of battery life. I didn’t think it was time for a new watch just yet,...

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Dug from UP

The Fairest Week In Review: 12/05

I’ve spent a lot of time in my most recent weekly recaps complaining about how a) I do not live at Walt Disney World and b) how where I do live is COLD right now. None of this has changed and I am still angry about it. BUT! In the spirit of the Christmas season I thought it might be interesting to experiment with being, you know, kinda sorta a little positive sometimes maybe? So here is a thing I do currently like: seeing dogs on my run. All dogs are good but sometimes they see you running and they’re like oh...

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Garmin GPS watch

In Which Case Jenn Cannot Trust Her Running Tech (Mostly)

I bought Bluetooth headphones a month or so ago, to free myself from the tyranny of all those connecting wires. The pair I got (affiliate link!) had largely rave reviews on Amazon, with one exception: there were multiple complaints that the headphones will interrupt your music with a “low power” warning every few minutes as soon as the batteries drain down to 30%. I heard this message for the first time about ten minutes into a recent morning run. Aha, I thought, no problem – I can suffer through the interruptions and then I’ll charge my ‘phones back up...

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Kuzco crying

The Fairest Week In Review: 1/31

Oh my God, this workout log is so boring. WINE & DINE WILL NEVER COME, I JUST KNOW IT. *sobs dramatically* Sunday | ran 10.26 miles outside in 1:45 Monday | walked 2.35 miles outside in 40 minutes; 65 minute ballet class Tuesday | ran 5.24 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes Stupid rain ruining a perfectly reasonable running temperature. 🙁 Wednesday | ran 5.21 miles outside in 55 minutes Well… it didn’t rain. Thursday | walked 2.06 miles outside in 35 minutes; 65 minute ballet class Friday | ran 5.18 miles outside in 55 minutes So cold...

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White rabbit is late

In Which Jenn Gets An Amazing Running Present

Pat is not a runner. Case in point, consider the following exchange: ME: The Star Wars – Dark Side 5K is still open. Would you like to – PAT: No. ME: I would run it with you – PAT: No. So there’s that. I mean, he’ll run a mile or two for conditioning purposes, but it’s not his thing and he’s certainly not a distance runner. Therefore his understanding of my happy little marathoning heart is rudimentary at best. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen. After I lamented the tragedy of my current GPS watch’s battery dying at...

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Marine Corps Marathon

In Which Jenn Has A Disappointing Marine Corps Marathon

I don’t know. Maybe I jinxed myself. But I can tell you exactly why I posted about my marathon PR bid during the Marine Corps Marathon last week: I thought for sure it was going to happen. Oh, no question. Hadn’t I trained better and harder? Hadn’t I carefully avoided injury? Hadn’t my 20 miler gone a million times better? Hadn’t I set myself for pre-race success, with several days of sports drinks and multiple alarms and a determination to run the whole bridge? I mean, last year was a laughable comedy of errors! This year HAD to be...

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WTF GPS: A Haiku by Jenn

How far have I run??? “Lost satellite reception” IMPOTENT RAGE UGH (source) What’s your worst lost-satellite-reception story? I think I lost about half a mile. And I totally survived; I’m just being melodramatic. But GOD, GARMIN. Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA on Twitter @fairestrunofall and on Instagram @fairestrunofall. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment or email See ya real soon!...

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Running wild

The Fairest Week In Review: 1/07

JENN: Question one on my mind is this: did you get any running/exercise stuff for Christmas? MOON: I did, actually! Did you? JENN: Yes! You first. MOON: So, the only Christmas-proper running present I got was from my roommate’s mother. She gave me a new pair of running shoes! We had been looking through the outlets over the summer for shoes (she saw my Asics and really liked them, so we went searching for a pair for her). It was very sweet of her. I was really shocked. JENN: Awww, that’s so nice! A model that will work for...

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