In Which Jenn Gets An Amazing Running Present

White rabbit is late

Pat is not a runner. Case in point, consider the following exchange:

ME: The Star Wars – Dark Side 5K is still open. Would you like to –
PAT: No.
ME: I would run it with you –
PAT: No.

So there’s that. I mean, he’ll run a mile or two for conditioning purposes, but it’s not his thing and he’s certainly not a distance runner.

Therefore his understanding of my happy little marathoning heart is rudimentary at best. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen. After I lamented the tragedy of my current GPS watch’s battery dying at a crucial point in the Marine Corps Marathon, he bought me a new one for Christmas.

Okay. That’s impressive. But more impressive is this: I kinda saw it coming, because while Christmas shopping he asked me what kind of GPS watch I had. Seeing where this was going, I modestly directed him to the reasonably priced and presently on sale Garmin Forerunner 25, which purports 8 hours of a battery power, plenty for my needs.

He goes and one-ups me with a FORERUNNER 230. WHAT THE WHAT.

“I did some research and some people said the Forerunner 25 dropped to under five hours of battery life pretty quickly and I know battery life is important to you,” he said.

“I got you purple because reviews said the pink can get discolored,” he said, because HOLY CAREFUL RESEARCH, BATMAN.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said.

UP TO SIXTEEN HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE ON THIS THING, KIDS. Sixteen! I could run three marathons back to back. Hell, I could crawl a marathon on that kind of power. Never shall I squint worriedly at the screen as the low battery warning flashes at me two miles before the finish. It even displays average pace in real time! (I mean, I’m not sure how much I trust it, but it’s a nice ballpark.)

And then the heavens smiled upon me with a miracle of miracles: two days after Christmas, one day after my birthday, I was gifted the random outlier of a 65 degree day. Naturally I took the watch for a spin and it was beautiful.

GPS watch
Diamonds? Who the actual hell wants diamonds? No battery life at all on those things!
(Don’t mind the pace; I was standing still.)

Hello, new watch friend! I hope to enjoy many happy years of races with you! Next up: the WDW Marathon. THIS WEEKEND. Awwww yeah.

P.S. My boyfriend is the best ever.

Did you get any running-related items for Christmas and Hanukkah or the hell of it? Tell me!

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