In Which The Seven Dwarfs Wear Shoulder Pads Or Something?

Snow White

I come to you today with another Disney Dandy discovery. Sort of. I might not wear this one. It is… different.

My grandmother died a couple years ago – ah, memories – and my parents were finally able to sell her house early this year. This facilitated a major clean-out, as she was a collector. (Not a hoarder, mind you, a collector.) (But also possibly a hoarder.)

Anyway, she had a lot of stuff. She mostly liked Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz by extension, Shirley Temple, and dolls, but she had some Disney things too. Among the Disney items I was bequeathed was a t-shirt. And oh, what a t-shirt it is!

Minxie is equally perplexed.

Based on the tag inside, I’m going to guess this shirt was obtained from the Disney Store in the ’90s. The tag also denotes this item as a size L; if you ask me it looks more like an XL at least. Although based on vague memories of outfit descriptions in Babysitters Club books, I want to say oversized t-shirts were in at the time? I have never been truly cool a day in my life so someone else who is old+ please confirm.

In addition to a snazzy print of the Seven Dwarfs engaging in a little competitive cheerleading, the shirt emphasizes the gem mine setting by adorning the shirt with bedazzled gems. Fozzie says: it’s threeeeeeeeeeeeeee-D!

All right, so, we’re not exactly looking at a tres chic item here. But wait, there’s more! Peek inside the sleeves and what do we find? Why, it’s… SHOULDER PADS!!!

I know shoulder pads were a big thing in the ’80s that probably bled into the ’90s at least a bit, but in a t-shirt? I thought it was just, like, blazers and suit coats and crud like that. Shoulder pads in a t-shirt? How? Why?

So I don’t know what to do with this one. I certainly can’t imagine wearing it, but it’s so charmingly bizarre I can’t imagine getting rid of it either. I think I’ll look at it once in a while and giggle to myself.

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