In Which There’s Something Strange In The Neighborhood

Ghostbusters slinky

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Universal Studios Harry Potter

And so I shall! Ladies and gentlemen, a SURPRISE LAST-MINUTE ORLANDO TRIP has fallen into my lap. I’ve always wanted to take a surprise last-minute Orlando trip!

Alas, no Disney this time around, but our impetus is no slouch – we’re off to Universal Studios Florida this weekend. Why? Well, Pat is interested in the Harry Potter stuff, sure. But the reason we’re taking this trip now boils down to one word: GHOSTBUSTERS!

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights event features a Ghostbusters-themed haunted (“haunted”) house. Pat freaking LOOOOOVES Ghostbusters. Loves! Ingrained childhood love! He had a backpack as a kid!

I’d never seen it before we met and he made me watch it within, like, two weeks of dating. I like it! I like that one bit about the slinky especially!

But, to review: Pat LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Ghostbusters.

He loves it SO MUCH that I was able to fiendishly leverage his affection into this quick USF jaunt. I found some v. cheap flights through Frontier and snagged a solid discount for a nearby hotel on Hotwire, and we were go.

I haven’t been since 2015, so I’m pumped! And while historically I’m not so big on haunted houses, I hear the Ghostbusters one is much more fun than scary. Makes sense! But then we ain’t afraid of no ghosts anyway, sooo…

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