In Which Jenn Almost Ruins Her Own Race Schedule

Pain and Panic

In today’s post I am going to take you on a brief tour of the inside of my brain. Now, I want to be up front with you: it’s scary in there. Don’t panic! I’ll be with you the whole way and I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise I can safely shepherd you through the full experience; I live there, after all.

It all started two days after Princess Half Marathon registration. I can’t quite put my finger on the catalyst, but I believe I was thinking through potential flights surrounding the February 21 race when suddenly it dawned on me: I was also signed up for the Wilmington Marathon. Historically this race is in mid-March, but for next year it had moved… to late February.

You can see where I’m going with this.

Now. For a normal person, this would be mildly problematic. They would register some slight concern, then check the dates. Not me! As is my wont, I initiated Stage One Panic: a shot of adrenaline mixed with dread. I was instantly like 90% sure the two races were the same weekend. Neither is particularly generous with their cancellation policy.

Still jacked up on the epinephrine rush, my brain jumped ahead to Crisis Management Mode. I must fix this oh no oh no no I can fix this how do I fix this solutions solutions?????? Could I defer? Was there a virtual option? Given how popular Princess is, would runDisney make an exception and let me return my bib ahead of public registration day?

Luckily while my mind was galloping ahead, my spinal cord took over my hands and I actually looked up the date for the Wilmington Marathon.

It’s February 27.

To reiterate, the Princess Half is February 21.

I was gloriously wrong. THANK GOD.

The relief came flooding over me and washed the dread away. The day was saved! But I was still in such a tizzy that I got halfway through making pizza before realizing we didn’t have any sauce and THEN I messed up the replacement stir fry and THEN Pat accidentally dumped an entire glass of water on my laptop. I think I’m getting to him. (Don’t worry; he took the back off and managed to dry it out for me.)

So yeah, I’ll be running a half marathon and a marathon within a week of each other, but that’s okay, I’ve done that and worsemuch worse. Mind you, I’d prefer the full and then the half, but I’m sure I’ll manage. If anything, it’ll encourage me to slow down and enjoy Princess. Stop for those characters. Take my time.

The important thing is that they aren’t the same weekend and my brain did not explode. And with that, the tour is over, kids! You made it! Now go forth and be functioning adults!

Have you ever inadvertently double booked races? Do you also spend two-thirds of your life teetering dangerously close to a nervous breakdown or is that special for me?

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