In Which Jenn Flouts A Major Running Rule

Running gear

Hi, my name is Jenn, and I like to play fast and loose with an inviolate running rule. Which running rule, you ask? This one: thou shalt not use new and/or untested running gear on race day. Which you shouldn’t. If you haven’t tried it out thoroughly before, how can you be sure it’ll agree with you! You don’t want to find yourself fighting with your supplies during a race!


Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2016: I purchase my first Minnie ears the night before the race. I think to myself, you know what would be cute? Running in my new ears. I did. They did. Worked out fine.

Baltimore Marathon 2017: Bought some new running capris the week before the race. They had a ZIPPERED POCKET. I was so enamored of this zippered pocket I ran the marathon in these new pants completely untested. Not a mile on ’em. Turned out fine.

Wrightsville Beach Marathon 2018: Bought some new running capris a couple weeks before the race on clearance. These had TWO SIDE POCKETS. I think I did do a couple shorts runs in these but nothing in even close to marathon distance, which is a big chafe risk. I just really like pockets, y’know? Turned out fine.

Wine & Dine 10K 2018: Decided on a whim to run in my Cheshire Cat dress. Didn’t feel like braving the cold of Maryland’s fall to test it out in advance. Turned out fine.

Walt Disney World Marathon 2020: Wore the sports bra I used for only a handful of short runs. It was the right color for my Sally costume, okay? Turned out fine.

There may be others; the truly frightening thing is that this list is just off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll pay for it someday, but so far, all my gambles have – wait for it – turned out fine!

Except for one, it it should have been fine – I ran the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon with sneakers that hadn’t been tested past a 5K or so, but they were the exact same model as I usually used. Why this particular pair only bothered the tops of my feet so much is a mystery for the ages, but I had to stop four or five times to adjust them. Oh well, live and (don’t) learned.

In conclusion: don’t use untested gear on the race course, kids! But if you do, I trust that it will turn out fine.

Have you ever tempted the race gods with new gear on race morning?

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