In Which Jenn Does (& Doesn’t) Run In Walt Disney World

Pop Century

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

Remember how one of my pre-trip to-do items was to run the full loop around Seven Seas Lagoon? Well, I… didn’t. But it’s not entirely my fault.

See, I thought with the completion of the bridge from the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian that the loop would finally close – and that if you could walk from The Contemporary to the TTA, or the Polynesian to the Grand Floridian, it stood to reason that you can run the full circle.

Whelp, I checked with a Magic Kingdom security guard, and it turns out that’s not the case. There’s a portion of the loop – I think he said it was between the TTA and the Polynesian but don’t quote me on that – where there’s no legal place for pedestrians to travel. No sidewalk, no nothin.’ Bridge or not, the full loop remains an impossible dream. Bummer.

Since I was briefly staying at Bay Lake Tower anyway, I certainly could have run just a portion of the route, but I… didn’t do that either. And I kinda regret it a little, I must admit. But in the age of COVID, the unknowns proved too daunting, what with masks up and down and avoiding people at multiple resorts and/or the park and having to potentially stop for temperature checks depending on where I ended up, etc., etc.. So I just slept in on those mornings. Sleep is good for you too!

Once we moved to Pop Century, however, it was a whole different story. I ran four three milers over the course of the week, and they were awesome. The Hourglass Lake route was contained enough, and the early morning quiet enough, that I felt comfortable just pulling my mask up whenever I happened to pass somebody.

Hourglass Lake run

Hourglass Lake is a well-known on-property running path, but I don’t know if people realize how magical it is now that the gondolas operating over the lake. Even though they don’t open to passengers for an hour or two, they frequently start up for testing way in advance. I saw them operating every morning I ran, and I was starting up before 7am. It’s a uniquely Disney touch to an otherwise mundane workout. (Darned hard to photograph while running, though.)

I haven’t fully given up hope on the Seven Seas Lagoon run, either whole or partial. I mean, who knows? Maybe Disney will hear our cries and add sidewalks to the entire route. Either way, if I’m ever lucky enough to stay at a monorail resort again, I’m definitely running at least part of it.

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