The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Guac On The Rock At La Cava Del Tequila

Guac on The Rock

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

Unlike some of my other new drinking and dining experiences, I was already a huge fun of La Cava del Tequila going into this trip. It’s the site of my first-ever tequila shot and everything!

On this particular (and Cinco de Mayo!) day, La Cava was doing a promotion where if you buy a shot of Dwayne Johnson’s brand of tequila Teremana, he will reimburse you for a serving of guacamole. Would we have bought a shot if not for this offer? Probably not, but look at the marvelous photo op all the little extras created!

And y’know, the tequila was pretty darn good for a vanity project – we sipped it down to about halfway and it was quite smooth. After that we dump the remainder into our margaritas, duh. But I would totally order it in a tequila soda or some such if I saw it at a bar.

Oh, yes, we also got margaritas, of course. I was torn between El Diablo and The Wild One, and asked a Cast Member on the way in if she had an opinion. She answered “The Wild One!” with such conviction that the decision was made.

Guac on The Rock at La Cava del Tequila

I regret nothing: the primary ingredients of this margarita are tequila, mango puree, and chili liqueur, and it all worked beautifully. I love me a spicy drink! If you’re intimidated by the black ant salt rim, don’t be; it doesn’t really look like ants on your glass, and the taste is pretty much exclusively salt.

Meanwhile Becky got a blood orange margarita; she let me take a sip and it was exactly what it sounded like, so if you like blood orange you’ll like this. I might consider asking for regular salt instead of the Taijin rim, though; while I’m all about spicy I felt like the Taijin was too strong and overpowered the drink.

Oh, and the promised guacamole? Not bad. It’s obviously not made in house, but for a guac that probably came out of a bag it had a surprising amount of texture and good avocado flavor. The chips were thick and perfect for dipping. I wouldn’t go to La Cava for guac, but I’d certainly add something to an order if I wanted a snack with my drinks.

Guac on The Rock

For awhile there you couldn’t dine inside La Cava proper, but I hear that’s changing. Either way, I am definitely going back for El Diablo!

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  1. Now if The Rock had just been there in person to serve Guac on the Rock, that would have made a great photo op into the op of a lifetime. Can't wait to see him in Jungle Cruise. Have a magical day! -Andrea

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