The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Dinner At Homecomin’

Homecomin' door

It’s trip report time again! Read all posts in this trip report here.

Look, I know I kinda already reviewed Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ in Disney Springs last time. But Pat was dying to try it and to be honest, I was jonesing to go back myself. It’s that good!

And everybody knows it, because Advanced Dining Reservations here are a hot ticket. I was only able to snag a 9pm ADR. You can always check in early, though, which is what we did, and wound up getting seats at the bar about an hour in advance. Score!

I might still have relegated this meal to a more general food roundup, but Pat and I both got drink flights and entrees that I think deserve the spotlight. Follow along with the menu here and the whiskey/moonshine menu here.

Pat has been after the Homecomin’ whiskey flight since I told him it was a thing, and as is so often the case at Walt Disney World, his dream came true. He consulted with the bartender and picked out the Barrel Proof flight, which like my moonshine flight back in the day came with candied pecans and a pickle juice chaser. To be honest, none of the whiskeys themselves set him on fire, and we didn’t even take down any names.

WDW trip report Homecomin' whiskey flight

Meanwhile, I went with a moonshine flight – but not like last time. This time I got the FULL moonshine flight of all the moonshine on tap! This included rumshine punch, blue hooch, strawberry lemonade, margarita, and sweet tea shine.

Homecomin' moonshine flight

They were all deceptively sweet, with minimal alcohol taste; you could really hurt yourself here if you’re not careful! And you wouldn’t even have to order anything more, ’cause they give you plenty in the flight. My favorite was probably the sweet tea shine, arguably the most deceptive of them all. Long Island ice tea who?

We paired our flights with some cheddar biscuits, and they are everything you want them to be. I realize my opinion is colored by the fact that I am something of a bread fiend, but if I could only order one thing from the menu forever, it would be these biscuits.

For my entree, I chose a nutrition compromise: I got a salad, but it was a fried chicken salad. Hey, it’s what Art Smith is famous for, right? I had to give it a shot.

Homecomin' fried chicken salad

While not billed as such, the fried chicken salad is basically a Cobb salad by any other name: in addition to the chicken, it comes with hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and bacon. Like, maybe the cucumber isn’t usual, but there’s nothing in there to ruin the Cobb illusion.

Except possibly the chicken, which was moist and tasty. I enjoyed it… but I almost feel like the chopped format on the salad does it a disservice? The chicken was SO good, but I posit it would be that much better as a breast or a drumstick you can really sink your teeth into, you know? Maybe don’t get the salad. Maybe just get the platter and call it a day.

Which brings us to Pat, who ordered – wait for it – Art’s Famous Fried Chicken. It comes with mashed potatoes and another one of those magnificent biscuits, and Pat raved about the whole thing, mashed potatoes included. I think the platter is definitely that way to go.

Homecomin' fried chicken

Tragically we were too full for dessert, but I’ve got my eye on that hummingbird cake. Guess I’ll have to go back again. DARN.

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