My 2022 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival To-Eat List

Flower & Garden

Okay, it all worked out last time, so I think I can safely share my To-Eat list for this year’s Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. Oh, yeah, didn’t you hear? I’m going back to WDW again for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler! 2022 is the year for big fun and big spending, I guess.

But we’re not here to squint suspiciously at my bank records. We’re here to talk about food! Specifically, the samplings that will be on offer in the Flower & Garden Festival food booths. I am nothing if not a wildly anxious organized individual, and I like to go in with a carefully researched battle plan.

Why should you care? Um… hold on. Because, uh, we’re friends and we like to talk about Disney minutiae? Sure, that’ll work. Ooh, also, because maybe this will help you make your own Food & Garden choices. Or because you’ve tried a lot of this stuff already and you can tell me what’s worth it and what’s not? Whatever; I’m doing it anyway:


Sunshine Griddle | Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites | There is cream cheese frosting so I’m in!

Sunshine Griddle | Corned Beef Brisket Hash | Tater tots? POACHED EGG?! (Also, is tater tots a copyrighted term? Why do they insist on calling them potato barrels?)



Bauernmarket | Potato pancakes | But not the one with apple sauce because apple sauce is gross

Bauernmarket | Toasted pretzel bread with melted cheese & ham | Hooray pretzel bread!

Tangierine Cafe | Vanilla, Rosewater & Pistachio Panna Cotta | I realize this is an unpopular opinion but I dig on rose as a flavor

Tangierine Cafe | Blackberry mint mead | In it for the mint

La Isla Fresca | Coconut tres leches cake | Again, unpopular opinion, but mushy textures work for me

Early Bloom | Char-grilled Bison Ribeye | Bison, you say? Intriguing!

Early Bloom | Goat Cheese Creamsicle Pop | This sounds insane. I want to try it!

Cider House | BLT Scone | Obviously

Cider House | Cider flight | Double obviously

Jardin de Fiestas | Poppy Flower Margarita | At last, hibiscus + tequila! (The other margarita sounds interesting as well)

Fleur de Lys | Croissant au fromage | Croissant with cheese. ‘Nough said

Fleur de Lys | Pan Bagnat Classique | I’m a sucker for tuna nicoise

And that’s all the booths! I know, it’s a lot, but I think over the course of a couple days dipping into Epcot I can make a decent dent in my list. After all, what’s staying at a Skyliner resort for?

Flower & Garden

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  1. Yay! Let me know what days you’ll be in Epcot. I have many of the same items on my list, including of course that cider flight!

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