In Which Elizabeth Remembers WDW As Best She Can

JENN: Hi guys! Please welcome once again my frequent partner-in-crime Elizabeth! I wanted to bring her in because it occurred to me that it might be interesting to find out what INfrequent WDW visitors remember from their trips. As it’s been awhile since Elizabeth was there, she’s a perfect candidate. I believe the last time I dragged you down was January of 2012, correct? ELIZABETH: That sounds right. JENN: I’m curious as to what sticks in your mind. From any trip, really. Basically, free associate! ELIZABETH: Well, the most distinctive thing from the last visit was definitely Captain EO! I think we saw...

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In Which Moon Recaps The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation 5K Run/Walk

There’s nothing like a crisp and chilly morning by the National Harbor waters to get the blood stirring in the morning… Especially when your name is Christian and you’re wearing shorts (more on this later). November 16: Friends and family gathered to show their support of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation by running or walking. I invited some of my closest friends and family to run/walk with me. I’m eternally grateful for those who were able to come and participate. All the love to Christian, Elizabeth, Amanda, Clift, and Dad. Weather is general has a reputation for being unreliable...

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Elizabeth Moon

In Which Moon & Elizabeth Run With Nuns

Guys! Guess what! Two fantastic things happened this past weekend: 1. Moon ran a race. 2. Elizabeth raced, too! And one excellent thing is happening right now: Moon is writing a solo blog post (!!). This, I know, does not happen very often. I’m rather excited to be bringing news other than “Hey, I ran this past week and it wasn’t bad.” For the past few months I’ve been pondering doing more small races that benefit community causes. I’ve also been scheming to coerce Elizabeth into running. I found the perfect race: Little Sisters of the Poor Nun Run...

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Six Flags funnel cake

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Have A Great Adventure

Elizabeth and I recently went to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. While this comes nowhere close to a whiff of a whisper of a shadow of hanging out a WDW, I thought you might like to hear about our experiences anyway. And now here we are! JENN: Please welcome back the World’s Greatest Traveling Companion, Elizabeth! ELIZABETH: So, where should we start? JENN: Remind me again how you found out about Six Flags Great Adventure? ELIZABETH: Well I think I had been researching the best amusement parks, and Great Adventure came up as one that had a lot of roller...

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Respect the spell limits

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Expose the Dementors

JENN: Let’s welcome back the one, the only, Perfect Traveling Companion, Elizabeth! ELIZABETH: Ta-da! You’ll spoil me with those comments. My ego is getting so inflated. JENN: She is vital to today’s discussion, which is: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. We want to get our thoughts down before Diagon Alley opens and The Wizarding World goes all old-school-retro. And since Elizabeth not only accompanied me on a Universal trip in January of 2010, but also actually remembers what happened in all the books (whereas I briefly forgot what Gringott’s was), we NEED her. ELIZABETH: I have my uses. I...

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Busch Gardens

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Hooray! Elizabeth is here again to help me with another review! Join us as we head to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. JENN: A round of applause for my faithful guest judge, Interplanetary Explorer Extraordinaire Elizabeth! ELIZABETH: I dunno about interplanetary: after watching Gravity I don’t think I ever want to go out there. JENN: Haha, good call. ELIZABETH: I have my moments. JENN: So, a few weeks ago Elizabeth and I got a great deal on Busch Gardens Williamsburg tickets. This was the good news. The bad news was that the only remaining days of the season were all Howl-o-Scream...

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Hershey Park

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Go to Hershey Park

Welcome back to my faithful pinch hitter, Elizabeth! ELIZABETH: So – we’re going to discuss Hershey Park? JENN: Yup! Because Disney people tend to be somewhat curious about other parks. ELIZABETH: What! But how could any other place measure up? JENN: It couldn’t. We just want to feel smugly superior. Also, roller coasters. ELIZABETH: Ah, right. I will say that Walt Disney World could do with a few more roller coasters, but that’s personal preference. JENN: Disney coasters are awesome, but they’re not exactly pushing the boundaries of what the human body can handle. ELIZABETH: No – all that...

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La Cava

A Tale of Two Tequila Shots

Please join me once again in welcoming the amazing, death-defying Elizabeth as my special guest! JENN: So, tequila. Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World. Tequila. I think the connection is obvious. ELIZABETH: And the first time you chickened out! JENN: This is true. Let the record show that Elizabeth is twice the man I am. ELIZABETH: It was a good place to have a first tequila shot, though. JENN: And it was in La Cava del Tequila in Mexico, of course. So that was your first one? ELIZABETH: Yep! I’d had margaritas, but nothing with straight tequila. JENN:  I...

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In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Have the Best Day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom EVER!

JENN: Today I would like to introduce my fantastic pinch hitter, Elizabeth, another victim I have dragged to Walt Disney World on numerous occasions. ELIZABETH: Willing victim! What? No, Jenn didn’t take this photo in Epcot’s Norway pavilion. Liz just always wears that hat. JENN: Incidentally, she seems to have been conditioned from birth to act as my ideal traveling companion. She stays out late, gets up early, will ride just about anything, and – this is the most important one – WALKS FAST. ELIZABETH: It’s all because you have everything PLANNED, which I love. Planning sucks. JENN: See?...

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