Electric Run

In Which Jenn Recaps the Electric Run 5K

Sheeeeeeee’s electric! She’s in a family full of eccentrics! (Oasis fans in the audience? No? Just me then? Oh.) Can I be electric too? Moving right along. As I detailed in my post about upcoming races, I signed up for the Electric Run 5K a few months ago, and when the day finally dawned (or should I say dusked?) it was a good one: not too terribly hot and not at all rainy. The race instruction email promised traffic congestion due to the many race attendants and also because, duh, DC, so Scott and I arrived at the National...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week in Review: 9/9

Whew. Long day. Long weekend! I started last week by running outside for the first time in forever and ended it with the Electric Run 5K (more on that tomorrow). Teaser: I think it went pretty well! TEASER TEASER TEASER TEASER WOOOOO I will tell you this about the Electric Run: I did it sans iPod because I was promised music throughout the course. This was not 100% delivered (I said more on that tomorrow) but I actually turned on some speed, probably thanks to my running companion Scott (I SAID MORE ON THAT TOMORROW). It did lead me...

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In Which Jenn Has a Busy September (Upcoming Races!)

I have quite the September lined up for myself! It was accident, really, I swear. First Scott wanted to do the Electric Run 5K. And I said, I like running! I like lights and music! I’m in! Then he was all disappointed when we missed out on the Color Run 5K. (Scott has no interest in running unless he is surrounded by heavy themeing, at which point he becomes wildly enthusiastic. I’m working on getting him into a runDisney race; he likes WDW so I’m hopeful.) When I happened to come across the Color in Motion 5K instead, I...

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