Planet Fitness

In Which Jenn Reviews Planet Fitness

When my old, walking-distance gym’s lease was bought out, I was presented with a dilemma. All the reasonably close gyms were expensive – like $100+ per month expensive. Or there were cheaper options a lengthy walk away. Or for very little money, I could drive… to Planet Fitness. Which is where we are today. I have historically relied pretty heavily on the treadmill for my training. In fact, there was a time when I hardly ever ran outside at all. But I slowly came around to face the truth that real terrain and inclines are what really train you for better...

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Running wild

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/01

Well, I did it, kids – I signed up for a new gym. It’s a little farther from home than I’d like, but it could hardly be any cheaper, so… call it a wash? I’ve only joined so far, though – no uses yet, since the weather was cooperative last week. Dare I suggest that I’ve become an outdoor runner? Blasphemy! Let’s check the logs: Sunday | ran 9.23 miles on Assateague Island in 1:35 A tale of ponies, trails, and bug bites. Ah, memories. Monday | walked 2.12 miles in 35 minutes; 50 minute Horton jazz dance class...

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John Cleese happy

The Fairest Week In Review: 7/05

Well, that’s it guys. The gym – she is no more. Stupid lease-buying real estate developers and their stupid multi-family dwellings. STUPID. Sunday | ran 7.07 miles on the treadmill in 1:10 Remember the treadmill? Man, that was nice to have. Monday | ran 5.52 miles outside in 60 minutes But time marches on. Circumstances change. We must adapt. Tuesday | walked 2.75 miles outside in 45 minutes; 80 minute ballet class Wednesday | ran 9.05 miles outside in 1:40 Thursday | walked 2.09 miles outside in 35 minutes; 80 minute ballet class Friday | ran 5.15 miles on...

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Treadmill broken

The Fairest Week In Review: 6/08

Something TERRIBLE has happened. What am I supposed to do now? Run outside exclusively?! In Maryland?! WHERE WINTER EXISTS????? Ugh, I need to move to Orlando or Hawaii or something ASAP. In the meantime… what do I do?! Luckily I’m pretty amenable to early runs outside during the summer while the sun rises early and the temperatures are acceptably warm for my strangely reptilian comfort level, but one early morning torrential rainstorm and I’m screwed. Ugh. And all the other gyms near me are either hella expensive or too far to walk without becoming their own freakin’ workout in...

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In Which Jenn Hates Being Emergency Stopped

Have you ever had a training run where everything just kept going wrong? Like, nothing truly catastrophic happened, but multiple little annoyances piled up until most of your energy was sourcing from general pissiness? Let me walk you through this run I had a couple weeks ago: My alarm goes off at 5:40am. The temperature is perfect for an outdoor run. I get up, slap on my clothes, put in my contacts, put my keys in my hidden pants pocket, and am munching on my Vitamuffin when I realize: I forgot to charge my GPS watch. And it’s almost...

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In Which Jenn Has A Different Kind Of Locker Room Envy

As I continue to adjust to real gym life, I make small discoveries. Apparently working out among many is far different from working out among few. Go figure. For example: do you experience locker room envy? No, I don’t mean feeling jealous that other people are skinnier or more toned or whatever than you are. What I mean is rather that stab of jealousy I get when I walk into the locker room before my work out and encounter people who have CLEARLY just finished. Maybe they’re a little sweaty; maybe they’re changing clothes. Maybe they’re merely pulling their...

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Dessert gym

In Which Jenn Joins A Real Gym

I have joined a gym. It is not my fault. My new apartment, while lovely in many other ways, does not offer its own gym. Not that apartment gyms are generally that great anyway; in my experience maintenance is spotty and equipment is meager. Still, it’s always been nice to have. I briefly considered purchasing my own treadmill, even though nice ones are expensive, just because I loved the convenience factor. However, the prospect of then inevitably MOVING said treadmill to my next location put me off the idea, to say nothing of what to do in the event...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/10

JENN: So how was your training this week? MOON: It was good! Lots of running and exercising. 😀 No big milestones, but it was steady. How was your week? JENN: Good! It’s been an interesting week because I just started using an actual, real gym as opposed to a basement apartment “gym.” More on that in a later post but let me just say that it takes some getting used to. Sadly, this has nothing to do with it. Anyway, I’m slowly working my way up to my old endurance levels and it’s actually kinda working. I would’ve made it to 30...

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