The Fairest Week In Review: 8/01

Running wild

Well, I did it, kids – I signed up for a new gym. It’s a little farther from home than I’d like, but it could hardly be any cheaper, so… call it a wash?

I’ve only joined so far, though – no uses yet, since the weather was cooperative last week. Dare I suggest that I’ve become an outdoor runner? Blasphemy! Let’s check the logs:

Sunday | ran 9.23 miles on Assateague Island in 1:35
A tale of ponies, trails, and bug bites. Ah, memories.

Monday | walked 2.12 miles in 35 minutes; 50 minute Horton jazz dance class

Tuesday | ran 7.04 miles outside in 1:15

Wednesday | walked 2.37 miles in 40 minutes; 40 minute hip hop dance class
I would’ve hipped (and hopped, presumably) longer, but the apocalyptic hellscape that is the capital beltway during a particularly heinous rush hour made me late. CURSE YOU, DC.

Thursday | ran 5.68 miles outside in 60 minutes

Friday | ran 5.59 miles outside in 60 minutes

Saturday | rest
Dropped my phone in the toilet and both it and I lived to tell the tale. Let that give hope to the similarly beleaguered (AND TURN THAT SUCKER OFF IMMEDIATELY).

Anyway. More on my new gym experience in a later post, once I’ve, y’know, actually experienced it.

Wasowski treadmill
Yeah, seems likely.

Roundup, take us out.

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The Magic of Running points out that running with headphones ain’t all bad.
– Crazy excited for your first runDisney race? Duh. The Runner’s Guide to WDW knows how to tame that nervous energy.
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– Speaking of DAK, The Main Street Gazette enjoys the Wild Africa Trek.
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This Fairytale Life has the scoop on Lularoe’s latest Disney designs.
– For those who are carting kids around WDW, Adventures in Familyhood knows how to find a sitter or similar on property.

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