The Fairest Week In Review: 1/24

Awww, man. No more post-marathon break time. Although I did allow myself a slightly reduced ramp-up week. Roll tape:

Sunday | ran 5.27 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes
I was still in NYC for a conference; the hotel gym sucked and the treadmill kept shocking me, but I hopped back on that horse. Also I got to hang out with the super-awesome Estelle and her husband and we had empanadas and craft beer and it was amazing. 😀

Monday | 5.27 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes
How’s that for consistency? 

AND! I went to the NYC Disney Store on my way back to the train station and subsequently talked myself out of and then into buying the cutest Mickey and Minnie tank top. It was a glorious Twitter saga involving need vs. want, sale prices, and adorable victory. I’m mad at myself for not taking more photos so I could blog it, honestly. Next time!

AND AND! The NYC Macy’s is as big as you’ve ever seen. For example, here is approximately half the cosmetics section:

Tuesday | walked 2.28 miles outside in 40 minutes; 65 minute ballet class
Back home. Meh.

Wednesday | ran 5.12 miles on the treadmill in 50 minutes
First speed run in… in… uh, a long time, certainly.

Thursday | walked 2.27 miles outside in 40 minutes; 65 minute ballet class

Friday | ran 5.32 miles outside 55 minutes
First outdoor run since the marathon! It was a delightful 25 degrees, and I saw a dude running in shorts. COME ON.

Saturday | rest

I dunno, guys. I’m tired. My next WDW trip isn’t until November. I need hope and inspiration!

Here’s what I do have: some possible races on my radar. Some new Disney running gear coming in the mail (!). And the certainty that when the Wine & Dine registration window opens, I’ll be right there to sign up.

Oh, and I have the roundup, of course:

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The Fairest Week In Review: 1/18

Here we are in a post-WDW Marathon apocalyptic wasteland. At least you get to take a lot of rest days there. Workout log, show the nice people.

Sunday | WDW Marathon, 4:47:44, BEST RACE EVER

Monday | rest
I had planned to take a ballet class, but an impending ice storm compelled me to stay home. Just as well; I was pretty tired anyway.

Tuesday | walked 2.76 miles outside in 45 minutes; 65 minute ballet class

Wednesday | walked 2.38 miles outside in 40 minutes

Thursday | rest, but I walked a lot
… because I was off to NYC for a conference. I have the spirit of a real New Yorker, and I know this because IF ONE MORE DAWDLING TOURIST COMES TO A SLIDING STOP IN FRONT OF ME IN TIME SQUARE I WILL END THEM.

Friday | rest
This was the day Pat took me to see The Lion King on Broadway and it was AMAAAAAZING. More on that to come!

Saturday | rest
In which I learned I am afraid of the subway. TOO MANY CHOICES. Where I am from, there are only 6 Metro lines and it doesn’t matter because they’re all on fire or something anyway.

Before my Tuesday ballet class I was randomly chatting with a fellow dancer about my marathon. Another dancer overheard and expressed interest in potentially running a runDisney race! So of course I sent her a whole long-winded email about it; despite that she still seems potentially on board. Which is awesome – more runDisney friends!

Awww, remember when Moon was here? Those were the days.


– As per usualeasyWDW reviews every single item available at this year’s Epcot Festival of the Arts and as per usual I’ll try one of every single thingkthxbai

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The Fairest Week In Review: 7/08

JENN: How was your Fourth of July weekend?

MOON: Very nice! I went up to NYC and stayed with friends. Lots of exploring the city. How was yours?

JENN: Pretty good – I saw a LOT of fireworks. First on the National Mall on the fourth and then on the fifth I saw like eight shows going on at once around a river outside Baltimore. It was crazy – at any given moment there were bursts of light in CircleVision.

Oh, and there was a puppy behind us at the Mall, so that made it even better!


MOON: I think we attempted to watch the fireworks in NYC, but decided to go eat dinner instead… >_>

JENN: I think it was a wise choice. The food in NYC tends to be pretty awesome.

MOON: Although…! I did wake up on the Fourth and immediately hum some Sousa to my boyfriend.

Haha, that’s about as patriotic as it gets!

You fit any running in last week?

MOON: Hmm, not so much in the way of hardcore running. Lots of exercising in general, though. Lots of moving and all that. But I have a feeling you ran at least 1,000 miles.

JENN: I did terribly last week, actually! I only ran twice and a mere sixteen miles total at that. I’ve recently been struggling with a shift in priorities that I will explain at a later date, but this particular week I let dogsitting take a front seat and it threw my running schedule all out of whack. Oh well; I’ll do better next week!

MOON: High five!

JENN: And high five for some awesome bloggers:

Running Toward the Prize considers the effects of taking a running break.
We Run Disney makes a super-nifty quilt out of race tees.
Fairytales and Fitness tackles IT band and hip pain.
Black Dog Runs Disney believes running doesn’t have to suck.
Pink Elephant on Parade has a running epiphany.
Mom’s Magical Miles does not appreciate race food hoarders.
The Disney Hipsters are so damn frosty.

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