The Fairest Week In Review: 3/28

Oh, post-marathon run-free, guilt-free week. You come but three times a year of late, but you are so loved. Until we meet again.

Let us linger on the workout log so as to better remember our time together.

Sunday | rest
If you call driving back to Maryland from NC restful. It’s really not that bad until you hit northern Virginia, in which case you may as well be in hell.

Monday | walked 2.37 miles outside in 40 minutes, 60 minute ballet class

Tuesday | rest

Wednesday | rest SNOW DAY!
Yes, on the first day of spring it snowed sufficiently to earn Pat and I a day off work. And beautifully timed, too, as since it was rest week I didn’t need to stress about missing any training runs to weather. I wish it had lasted longer.

Thursday | walked 2.11 miles outside in 35 minutes
It was cold. And I had to go back to work. Boo.

Friday | walked 4.18 miles outside in 1:05
I had to work late, so I took a midday break to take a long walk. Fun fact: there is a Saks Fifth Avenue a two mile walk from my apartment. You know, in case I ever need one in an emergency.

Saturday | rest

I’m back to the training grindstone, although I’m easing into it with a lighter week. I’ve got marathons and Two Course Challenges to train for, people!


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The Fairest Week In Review: 3/22

Oh man. Post-marathon week. It’s a good week.

Sunday | rest day
I ate cookie cake.

I only had half and even that was insane.

Monday | rest day

Tuesday | SNOW DAY rest day
Normally I go to ballet on Tuesdays, but I’ll tell you right now: YOU DO NOT VOLUNTARILY GET ON THE DC BELTWAY IN THE SNOW/WHEN THERE’S BEEN SNOW/WHEN THERE WILL BE SNOW/WHEN SOMEONE HAS RECENTLY SAID SNOW. I very literally spent 7 hours on the Beltway last year because of a half inch of snow. It’s a long story, and needless to say not one I care to repeat.

Wednesday | walked 5.04 miles on the treadmill in 1:25
Because it was cold as hell outside.

Thursday | rest day
Remember that cold I almost, kinda, sorta had during the marathon? It hit me HARD. I was going to go to ballet but I figured the other students might not appreciate being coughed on.

Friday | rest day
St. Patrick’s Day! So we went to an Italian restaurant. (The line for our local Irish pub was around the block by 5pm, so.)

Saturday | rest day

Yeah. Extremely restive. Except for the bit about getting ANOTHER cold. It’s back to the grindstone this week, though – the Dark Side Half isn’t gonna train for itself!

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The Fairest Giveaway Of All: Soapbox Soaps Shower Products

Whew! It’s been quite a weekend here at FRoA headquarters. My interns* and I have been snowed in since Friday. Today I am finally free of my cold wet confines, which is a cause for celebration, yes? I give you: giveaway week, so named because I have TWO giveaways for you.

* Cats. They’re my cats.

We’ll start with the one I teased way back when: Soapbox Soaps. I received their coconut conditioner in an Influenster Vox Box last month I fell completely in love with the product. I have tricky hair – it’s VERY long, but it’s fine, but it’s also frizzy, but it’s REALLY wavy. The shea butter-infused shampoo and conditioner soften even my really-need-a-trim ends, smoothes, and shines. All for, like, $6, and you can get it at Target or the drugstore or whatever. Awesome.

Awesome indeed, if that were all. Here’s what earned my customer loyalty: not only does Soapbox run clean drinking water programs around the world, and not only does Soapbox give out bars of soap to those in need, these products are 100% CRUELTY FREE.

This is so important to me. I’ve been trying to phase out all my animal-tested products. It’s tougher to do than I would’ve imagined, but I’m dedicated to finding a swap for all my beauty and hygiene products even if it takes awhile. If you want to argue the necessity of animals in medical testing, okay; there’s a shade of gray there, always provided of course that experiments are conducted as humanely as possible.

For beauty products, though? We don’t NEED those. We don’t NEED to slap shadow on our eyes and lipstick on our lips. We don’t NEED specially formulated shampoos with ingredients that could apparently mess us up hence the testing. There is NO REASON to test beauty products on animals, ever, and that is why Soapbox is now my new go-to for shower products.

Want to make your own animal-friendly switch? You’re in luck – Soapbox Soaps has generously agreed to give one lucky reader a bottle each of their shampoo, conditioner, AND body wash in Pomegranate and Acai. To enter, simply comment on this blog post. (Bonus points if you list your favorite cruelty-free company!) You’ve got one week to enter, so get cracking! (To be clear: deadline is midnight Tuesday.)

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In Which Jenn Defends D.C.’s Snow Policies

Look, just let me explain, okay?

I hit the gym on Monday and overheard several locker room ladies making fun of the D.C. area for freaking out in the face of snow. “I’m moving to Canada,” declared one. “They know how to handle it.” And then this morning the local news radio station had a whole spot dedicated to how apparently Jimmy Fallon mocked us on his show the other night about our shutdown in the face of Monday night’s snowstorm. And everywhere you go you hear former New Englanders complaining about how locals have no idea how to drive in snowy weather.

And you know what, guys? You are totally right. We don’t. That’s because asking a Marylander to navigate a blizzard is like asking the guy who took a few classes in French last year to hold a conversation with a native Parisian. We learned a little bit a year ago and we haven’t had to use that information since. We can remember a couple words and phrases but otherwise we may as well be starting from square one. Sure, if we made the permanent move to Paris, we’d jump right in there, but why bother when your next door neighbor speaks Spanish anyway?

I hope this extended metaphor has properly illustrated why the D.C. area tends to shut down the roads in the face of the smallest snowstorm. And I’ll tell you another thing: I AM NOT ASHAMED. Here is why:

  • There is a sweet, sweet joy in these simple words: “All public and private schools are CLOSED today due to inclement weather.” Oh, in your Massachusetts hometown they NEVER close school for snow? How sad for you!
  • And sometimes, when we are VERY lucky, even adults get a snow day from our jobs. I’m sure you South Dakotans are a hardy people but I’m also sure your winters aren’t half so fraught with hope.
  • Ah, yes, I’ve heard all about the eight feet of snow they’re dealing with up north. Crazy! People are stuck in their homes! That never happens here at the Mason-Dixon line! EXACTLY. It is a rare, rare thing for us to saddle snow with real fear. Even in the impending “blizzard” we know we’ll at the very least be able to get out of the house for supplies within a day or two. No problem!
  • And then of course, there is the gentleness of it all. The feeling. Snow here is special. It’s just a few inches deep, easily waded with my high winter boots, and the snowflakes fall on my black coat and settle there like stars, and I am so excited because it’s SNOWING! And how often does it do that? NOT VERY OFTEN!

So yes. You may keep your snow tires and your parkas and your stoicism and your cynicism and your schools that never close and your events that never cancel and your bah-humbugs and your pooh-poohs in the face of snow. I for one am glad to live in a city that reacts to snow like it’s never seen the stuff before. It is glittery magic and I won’t hear another thing about it!

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The Fairest Week In Review: 2/18

MOON: Sorry about being late – just got hit with a bad cold/flu. It’s still in the beautiful morphing stages so we’ll see what it turns into. :/ It’s really bumming my running schedule out today. How are you?

JENN: Bleh. I hate when being sick messes with your running schedule! I find that working out can help when you feel like you have a bit of a cold, but anything more extreme and you’re outta commission. I think the rule is above the chest symptoms = go ahead and run, chest symptoms = DO NOT RUN? Never mess with your lungs.

MOON: I can be down with that. And if you can’t stand… Don’t run. This is the rule I am following today! Yesterday I went for it and I felt EHHH, but today it’s not happening.

JENN: HA. I should say so! How was running last week, then? Can you console yourself with former glories?

MOON: Ha, indeed! The last 4-5 weeks have been amazing, actually. And Monday I had a breezy 7 mile run, so at least I ended on a good note. How was your week?

JENN: Pretty good! I actually made it to 30 miles, which is my unofficial goal marker. My official goal marker is 25+ – I’m trying to be a little less hard on myself if I’m busy. I mean, God forbid I only run 20 miles one week, right?

MOON: Ha, yeah, shame on you! Thirty is great! And if you ever feel bad about 20: remember! We are spoiled with treadmills. Imagine 20 miles outside.

JENN: Haha, yeah. At least it’s not consecutive! Did you have a good Valentine’s Day weekend, anyway?

MOON: Yes! We actually went for a run together on Valentine’s Day.

JENN: Awww, nice!

MOON: How was yours?!

JENN: Good! Quiet. We made food (well, he made food; I made cupcakes) and watched The Prestige. I’m glad we decided to stay in; there was snow that night and it looked rather questionable out there.

They call me Flash Beagle. 

MOON: We had just made it to our destination and then the “thundersnow” came.  This is off-topic, but I won’t be able to continue thinking about running until I get this out there: I hate sensational weather jargon.

JENN: Haha, I hadn’t heard the thundersnow thing. Sounds like a name a seven-year-old would give a pony.

MOON: I almost didn’t believe it until I saw it on an official weather warning for the area.

JENN: More things to hardly believe: roundup!

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