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The Fairest Week In Review: 3/28

Oh, post-marathon run-free, guilt-free week. You come but three times a year of late, but you are so loved. Until we meet again.  Let us linger on the workout log so as to better remember our time together. Sunday | rest If you call driving back to Maryland from NC restful. It’s really not that bad until you hit northern Virginia, in which case you may as well be in hell. Monday | walked 2.37 miles outside in 40 minutes, 60 minute ballet class Tuesday | rest Wednesday | rest SNOW DAY! Yes, on the first day of spring it...

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Baltimore Marathon

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/22

Oh man. Post-marathon week. It’s a good week. Sunday | rest day I ate cookie cake. I only had half and even that was insane. Monday | rest day Tuesday | SNOW DAY rest day Normally I go to ballet on Tuesdays, but I’ll tell you right now: YOU DO NOT VOLUNTARILY GET ON THE DC BELTWAY IN THE SNOW/WHEN THERE’S BEEN SNOW/WHEN THERE WILL BE SNOW/WHEN SOMEONE HAS RECENTLY SAID SNOW. I very literally spent 7 hours on the Beltway last year because of a half inch of snow. It’s a long story, and needless to say not one...

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The Fairest Giveaway Of All: Soapbox Soaps Shower Products

Whew! It’s been quite a weekend here at FRoA headquarters. My interns* and I have been snowed in since Friday. Today I am finally free of my cold wet confines, which is a cause for celebration, yes? I give you: giveaway week, so named because I have TWO giveaways for you. * Cats. They’re my cats. We’ll start with the one I teased way back when: Soapbox Soaps. I received their coconut conditioner in an Influenster Vox Box last month I fell completely in love with the product. I have tricky hair – it’s VERY long, but it’s fine,...

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In Which Jenn Defends D.C.’s Snow Policies

Look, just let me explain, okay? I hit the gym on Monday and overheard several locker room ladies making fun of the D.C. area for freaking out in the face of snow. “I’m moving to Canada,” declared one. “They know how to handle it.” Then this morning the local news radio station had a whole spot dedicated to how apparently Jimmy Fallon mocked us on his show the other night about our shutdown in the face of Monday night’s snowstorm. And everywhere you go you hear former New Englanders complaining about how locals have no idea how to drive...

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Sad Marie

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/18

MOON: Sorry about being late – just got hit with a bad cold/flu. It’s still in the beautiful morphing stages so we’ll see what it turns into. :/ It’s really bumming my running schedule out today. How are you? JENN: Bleh. I hate when being sick messes with your running schedule! I find that working out can help when you feel like you have a bit of a cold, but anything more extreme and you’re outta commission. I think the rule is above the chest symptoms = go ahead and run, chest symptoms = DO NOT RUN? Never mess with your...

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