Afternoon tea

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Afternoon Tea In The Grand Floridian

Mini trip report! Read all the posts in this report here. We finish out my WDW Marathon trip report with a review of afternoon tea in the Garden View Lounge. I have probably had afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian than I have had any other WDW experience. Off the top of my head I’ve done it at least six times, although admittedly not since 2013. Naturally many changes may occur in the space of that many years, but that’s not I made my ADR for one the day before the marathon. No, I made it because a giant pot of tea...

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In Which Jenn Receives An Influenster Vox Box

Wanna hear something weird? Influenster believes you are interested in my opinions! I can tell because, against all odds, they sent me their Spice Vox Box, full of stuff I did not pay for. I am nothing if not chock full of integrity, however, so you can be sure that the following thoughts are devoid of bias. You can tell because sometimes the things I say aren’t complimentary; which is another way of saying this may be my last Vox Box. Time will tell! So what was in this, my first and potentially final box? Well… Good Health Veggie...

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Pre-Run Snack Suggestion: Raspberry Scones

MOON: Jenn and I are very liberal with what we consider “good” energy for running (but this is mostly because we love baking), so we made scones this weekend! Carbs for running! We had raspberry scones (my favorite) – all organic ingredients, of course. JENN: When did we first make raspberry scones? I feel like it’s been a go-to for awhile. MOON: I have no idea – I think we initially decided to bake them to go with tea a couple years ago. JENN: That does sound like something we would do. We started talking about tea pretty quickly...

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Afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian

In Which We Talk Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian

MOON: Okay, let’s do tea! JENN: We did the afternoon tea in the Grand Floridian’s Garden View Lounge for the first time in June of 2008. There have been many changes since then, some positive and some negative, but it is the one WDW restaurant I have returned to more than any other. I think my count is up to… I dunno, five times? Six? Anyway, Moon and I went again in February, so we figured we’d talk about it, because it is awesome. MOON: I was just looking at photos of our tea yesterday. Yuuum. 😀 JENN: The...

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