Pre-Run Snack Suggestion: Raspberry Scones


MOON: Jenn and I are very liberal with what we consider “good” energy for running (but this is mostly because we love baking), so we made scones this weekend! Carbs for running! We had raspberry scones (my favorite) – all organic ingredients, of course.

JENN: When did we first make raspberry scones? I feel like it’s been a go-to for awhile.

MOON: I have no idea – I think we initially decided to bake them to go with tea a couple years ago.

JENN: That does sound like something we would do. We started talking about tea pretty quickly around here!

I know you used a different recipe this time – did you switch cream for milk like you’ve been doing lately?

MOON: Well, the last few times I’ve done scones I haven’t had cream on-hand, so I had to use milk. This time I knew we were planning on making them, so I bought some ahead of time!

Do you feel like it made a difference?

MOON: Well, I would say that the consistency is a little better with cream. Not quite as soggy. The recipe was the same otherwise! We did, however, roll the dough out differently – instead of mixing the fruit, we scattered it over the top of the dough and then rolled it up. It worked pretty well.

JENN: Which recipe did you use? Did you make any modifications?

MOON: So, I have used all sorts of recipes, but because I have none of them at the apartment, here is the one we used yesterday, from (thank goodness for the internet!).

JENN: These scones don’t come out as sweet as some of the ones you might be familiar with from bakeries, but you can always adjust the ingredients to suit your taste. They’re also ENORMOUS; you might consider cutting yours smaller, although you’ll want to watch them closely as they’ll probably need less time in the oven that way. The texture, regardless, is fantastic. Although I can’t guarantee yours will be as good as ours; Moon is a magical master baker. You may need to borrow her for best results.

So there ya go. Runner’s breakfast! Carbs and fruit!

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