In Which Jenn Goes On A Running Food Bender

Let’s see, how to explain this. Have you ever… gone on a sort of… pre-long run food buying spree… like, way in advance… without planning it?

Now that I’m officially training for the Baltimore Marathon, I gotta get those mega-long runs on the docket. And I have – I have a 15 miler, 17 miler, and 20 miler laid out on the calendar. For my normal long runs – say, 9-12 miles on average – I don’t usually require much beyond a pre-run snack and some water, but these big’uns need a bigger sustenance commitment.

There are lots of ways to do it: water, sports drinks, gels, chews, gummy bears, pretzels, honey… a lot of peoples’ boats float a lot of different ways. I have found I perform well with Swedish Fish, so I bought one box for my 15 miler, just to start things off. So far so well measured.

Then last week I was doing my weekly Target grocery run. I was in the candy aisle to grab some 90% dark chocolate (TRY IT!!!!!! YOUR TASTE BUDS WILL EXPLOOOODE) and happened to pass by the theater box candy. Well, I’m here and thinking about it, I thought, so I might as well grab two more boxes for 17 and 20.

That simple act opened the floodgates. In the drinks section for some seltzer, I saw Body Armor sports drinks were on sale. I usually go with PowerAde since that’s runDisney’s MO, but what the hell – I grabbed two bottles without hesitation.

Over by the peanut butter, I was picking up a canister of chocolate PB2 when I saw that Justin’s individual nut butter packets were on sale as well. What an amazing mid-run snack that would be for my really long runs!! I said to myself, even though this is something I’ve never tried. Well, I will now! Into my cart went two peanut butter-and-honey packs.

And, uh, here’s all the stuff I hadn’t planned on buying for runs some of which aren’t for another month:

Will it all be actually good for my long runs? WE SHALL SEE.

Do you ever impulse-buy food in the name of training? What are your favorite pre-and mid-run snacks for long runs?

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In Which Jenn Gets Jazzed For A Long Run

Last week I came to a startling realization: I was actually excited about my planned 16 mile run.

I expressed this unexpected feeling on Twitter and received the expected response: that I was crazy, and everyone who had a long run on the docket was dreading it.

And so I thought: what if I explained how I got myself this psyched up? Maybe my fellow runners could follow the same method and at least manage to downgrade outright dread to reluctant acceptance. In that spirit, try some of these on for shoe size:

Get some new music. Duh. Everyone knows this one. But seriously, do it. Despite my alt-rock leanings, I fired up some of the Ke$ha I’m less familiar with, because BEATS. Highly recommend serious beats for running.

Perfect segue to…

Get some new gear. CAREFULLY. This is a long run, after all; introducing new clothes could lead you into an exciting new world of chafing, sweating, smelling, etc. Save it for the short run and see how it performs there. Use your tried-and-true clothes here. BUT. How about clothes you already have exactly but in a dangerously different color? Or a new hat or sunglasses, something you can remove easily if it’s not working out for you? Myself, I was wildly excited to have found a value 12-pack of elastic headbands in the bargain bin at Rite-Aid – I snagged ’em for $1.42. GLITTERY GOLD TO THE RESCUE.

Get your favorite pre- and mid-run snacks. Again, nothing you haven’t tried before – now is not the time to puke on the side of the trail (or down the side of your treadmill; someone’s going to have to clean that mess up, and it could be you). I had a box of Swedish Fish to munch on my walk to the gym and a mocha Clif Shot (plus caffeine!) for the midway point. Happy tongue, happy… um… sorry, nothing logical rhymes with tongue. Just eat something good, is all I’m saying.

And on that note…

Plan an awesome night-before dinner and post-run meal. Assuming you’re doing this run in the morning, of course; if not, adjust accordingly. I had Neapolitan pizza and it was DELICIOUS.

Post-run, I made myself a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie with chocolate protein powder. Good stuff.

There you have it. How do you know my methods work? Because I ran SEVENTEEN miles. BAM! Now go forth and smash those long runs! (And if you can only choose one thing, I highly recommend the glittery gold headband.)

What are your long run tips and tricks?

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The Fairest Week In Review: 6/22

This Week In Jenn’s Running Innovations: treat yo’ self to a Fla-Vor-Ice post long run. You know – those soft plastic sleeves of sugar water you always got at summer camp back in the day. I did it on Monday and it was everything I thought it would be. Well, except speedy – I had to toss the last third in favor of making it to work on time. But I stand by the concept.

Important tip: if you plan on being anywhere in public after your ice, choose pink or red as your flavor. Otherwise you may end up with an interesting… mouth color… situation. If you know what I mean.

All of this is to say that the consumption of a Fla-Vor-Ice was the most noteworthy part of my training over the past week. Anyway, how are you?

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Pre-Run Snack Suggestion: Raspberry Scones

MOON: Jenn and I are very liberal with what we consider “good” energy for running (but this is mostly because we love baking), so we made scones this weekend! Carbs for running! We had raspberry scones (my favorite) – all organic ingredients, of course.

JENN: When did we first make raspberry scones? I feel like it’s been a go-to for awhile.

MOON: I have no idea – I think we initially decided to bake them to go with tea a couple years ago.

JENN: That does sound like something we would do. We started talking about tea pretty quickly around here!

I know you used a different recipe this time – did you switch cream for milk like you’ve been doing lately?

MOON: Well, the last few times I’ve done scones I haven’t had cream on-hand, so I had to use milk. This time I knew we were planning on making them, so I bought some ahead of time!

Do you feel like it made a difference?

MOON: Well, I would say that the consistency is a little better with cream. Not quite as soggy. The recipe was the same otherwise! We did, however, roll the dough out differently – instead of mixing the fruit, we scattered it over the top of the dough and then rolled it up. It worked pretty well.

JENN: Which recipe did you use? Did you make any modifications?

MOON: So, I have used all sorts of recipes, but because I have none of them at the apartment, here is the one we used yesterday, from (thank goodness for the internet!).

JENN: These scones don’t come out as sweet as some of the ones you might be familiar with from bakeries, but you can always adjust the ingredients to suit your taste. They’re also ENORMOUS; you might consider cutting yours smaller, although you’ll want to watch them closely as they’ll probably need less time in the oven that way. The texture, regardless, is fantastic. Although I can’t guarantee yours will be as good as ours; Moon is a magical master baker. You may need to borrow her for best results.

So there ya go. Runner’s breakfast! Carbs and fruit!

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