Sally race costume

The Nightmare Before Race Day

Remember last year when Pat bought me Spaceship Earth leggings just in time for my race costume? Well, he’s done it again! Okay, yes, I haven’t had a runDisney race in… oh, dang, well over a year. No wonder I’m so depressed. But I have to believe they’re going to come back, and when they do, I need to be ready and I need to have race costumes. Here’s another one: remember my Sally the Ragdoll race costume from WDW Marathon 2020? Because Pat did NOT. (Admittedly he wasn’t there.) But he knows that I love The Nightmare Before Christmas and...

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Christmas Jungle Cruise

The Nightmare Before Christmas In Walt Disney World, V2

At the end of 2017, I published my first The Nightmare Before Christmas in Walt Disney World post. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s easily my favorite end of the year post ever. So I thought rather attempting to reinvent the wheel in these trying times, why not just do something that made you happy over again? So I did! All new photos make up V2, plus the same lyrics we love. Happy holidays, readers! See ya in 2021. I hope it’s an improvement over this year. 😝 What’s this? What’s this? There’s color everywhere What’s this? There’s white things in...

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The Nightmare Before Christmas In Walt Disney World

What’s this? What’s this?There’s color everywhere What’s this? There’s white things in the air What’s this?I can’t believe my eyes, I must be dreamingWake up, Jack, this isn’t fair What’s this?What’s this? What’s this?There’s something very wrongWhat’s this?There’re people singing songs What’s this? The streets are lined with little creatures laughing Everybody seems so happy Have I possibly gone daffy? What’s this? What’s this? There’re children throwing snowballsInstead of throwing headsThey’re busy building toysAnd absolutely no one’s dead There’s frost on every windowOh, I can’t believe my eyesAnd in my bones I feel the warmthThat’s coming from inside Oh look...

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