The Fairest Week in Review: 8/12


Good morning, campers! Jenn here. Moon is unfortunately experiencing some familial issues, so I’m taking over. Not permanently, mind you! Not even for very long: I’m in charge of today and most likely tomorrow. Then Moon comes back and the universe rights itself again.

Wait, don’t go! I know it’s not as much fun without her, but if you hang around I promise to compensate with some WDW trip planning. Mmmmmm, trip planning.

I love knowing there is more of this in the near future.

But first, to business. Um… training went pretty well for me this week. On Saturday night Moon and I joined some friends in seeing The Conjuring (mini-review: scary but not Paranormal Activity scary), after which I crashed at her apartment so we could run together on Sunday. We ended up just running in her gym, but that was exciting enough for me because her gym is MUCH nicer than mine. Mine doesn’t even have a bathroom or any sort of water dispenser, so the fact that hers has both puts her far ahead.

But those elements, while fantastic, are not the best part. The BEST part is the treadmill. My treadmill in my apartment complex’s gym is numerically challenged. At 99 minutes it goes ???????????, stops counting, and immediately starts cool down. It doesn’t matter how fabulous a groove I’ve established; at 1 hour and 39 minutes I am forced to stop what I’m doing and restart the treadmill. Totally fouls my mojo, man. But the treadmills at Moon’s gym? No such problem, my friends! I skipped merrily past 99 minutes and kept on truckin.’ Well, not skipped in the literal sense, but you get what I mean.

The rest of the week was fine. I practice PR’d on Tuesday – read all about that, as well as our review of Energy Bits, here. Wednesday was just some added mileage, and I stuck to ballet class for the rest of the week. Music? Flogging Molly. Of course.

But never mind all that. WALT DISNEY WORLD! Remember how, way back in our first ever post, I talked about how I don’t come from a Disney family? My parents took me twice (only once for my brother) and evidently felt this fulfilled the American tradition quota of our respective childhoods and we never went again. Years later, when my WDW addiction became clear, they expressed their befuddlement, declaring that they themselves had no interest in such silly pursuits and didn’t have any plans to visit any time in the near future if ever again.

Which is why I was utterly shocked when this email exchanged happened back in February, during our Princess Half trip:

ME: I need to decide if I want to turn my ticket into an annual pass before I leave. I’ve heard from some people who might like to go with me in the next year so it might be worth it.

MY MOM: You know, I think I’d like to go with sometime this year.

ME: …………………… You would?

Talk about a plot twist. I’ll go into all this in more detail as our trip gets closer, but we decided upon a week in early December with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and the Candelight Processional and everything. I am SUPER EXCITED to introduce her to everything she’s missed since 1998 – she’s never even BEEN to Animal Kingdom! – and when Disney finally introduced room-only discount codes for our time frame and I leapt into action.

Where our dates and discount restrictions landed me at All-Star Music.

Um… Look. I know it’s wrong. But I’m kinda one of those Pop Century snobs. I can’t really afford to make the leap to a nicer hotel, but I want to stay on property, so Value Resort it is. But Pop is the preferred Value, no? It’s where all those in the know stay. It’s generally considered the best of the four. Aside from a sole splurge night in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, I’ve never stayed anywhere else. We won’t be in the room very much, but… Guys, I’m scared!

I don’t like knowing there will be none of this in the near future.

Can anyone reassure me? Are the All-Stars really that bad? Does the bus system really suck? Are the rooms really inferior to Pop’s? Am I going to be trampled by cheerleaders?!

Anyway. Enough of that. Here are some posts from around the ‘sphere:

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– And finally, in case you need some more pretty in your life, here are some beautiful Tokyo DisneySea photos from MiceChat.

Good show, everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post on WDW haters. It’s gonna be awesome!

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