In Which Jenn Makes a Treadmill Strategy Suggestion


I know. I know you all hate the treadmill. But I just don’t understand it. The treadmill is awesome for so many reasons!

Okay, I know one reason why you say you hate the treadmill: the monotony. You complain about how it’s unchanging mile after unchanging mile of boredom-inducing sameness. Treadmill hypnosis, if you will. Well, I have a strategy to combat it!

To be clear: this technique is almost certainly not unique to me. You may have heard it before it some other iteration. I have no reason to believe that there’s anything particularly special about it; a professional running coach might well slap me across the face and tell me to stop acting stupid. But I have found it so helpful in passing the time that I wanted to share anyway on the extreme off chance it might help convert someone to my treadmill love.

The technique is simple. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Start the treadmill at 6.5 mph.

  2. After 1 minute, decrease to 6.4 mph.

  3. After 1 minute, decrease to 6.3 mph.

  4. Continue for 10 minutes, ending at 5.6 mph.

  5. Jack the speed back up at 6.5 mph and repeat as many times as you like.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It doesn’t matter how good you feel at 6.5 mph; DECREASE YOUR SPEED AT THE APPOINTED TIME. The beauty of this method is change and interval. You’ll be back up at 6.5 mph in ten minutes again anyway, so give yourself the rest now.

You’ll average a little more than 6 mph with this method as I’ve outlined it, but you can always customize based on your own current speeds. Start at 6 mph and go down to 5.1 mph, or start at 8 if you’re speedy. Whatever works for you!

Like I said – I don’t pretend I’m making any kind of revolutionary suggestion. Yet in using this method I’ve found that I’m starting my next cycle before I know it!

Annnnd I just realized that next week is pre-Tinker Bell Half taper week. Ugh, tapering. Anyone want to reciprocate with some suggestions on how to do that without wanting to die?

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  1. I love the treadmill, but I'm definitely going to give this a shot! I've had a hard time figuring out intervals for myself, so this is awesome! Good luck in the Tink Half, and I hope tapering passes without making you too crazy! 😛

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