The Fairest Week In Review: 1/14


JENN: Hooray for everyone who ran over the WDW marathon weekend! That having been said – we leave for Disneyland and the Tinker Bell Half on FRIDAY! IT’S SO CLOSE.

It. Is. TIME.

MOON: Wait. Not THIS Friday?!

JENN: THIS Friday!

MOON: … I seriously thought it was NEXT Friday.

JENN: The race is on Sunday, silly!

MOON: I could have sworn the race was the 26th…

JENN: Nee-ope!

MOON: Well, there goes my schedule for next week! Ha, I’ll have to send out some emails tonight. My bad.

JENN: Aren’t you glad we’re doing this blog?

MOON: I better get my running on. My last 13.1 was Christmas Eve. Slightly worried now. Guess who’s running 13.1 tomorrow?

JENN: No no no! Tapering is vital!

MOON: I am too anxious for tapering!

JENN: I wouldn’t run more than seven at this point. Don’t worry; I haven’t run the full 13 since December either. In fact, my runs have been AWFUL lately. I’m in a major slump.

MOON: I’m sorry, but that IS slightly comforting. 😉

JENN: I’m seriously considering just taking very lengthy walks this week in the hopes of recharging.

MOON: That might be good. I thought about that too. But don’t worry, I’ll be there to keep you going! 😀

JENN: Of course!

MOON: Actually, I’ve just been doing shorter, faster runs.

JENN: That’s great for speed!

MOON: So far so good. But the weather is KILLING me. I really want to run outside. I almost dozed off on the treadmill the other day.

JENN: Oh no! Yeah, the extreme cold plays merry hell with my lungs. I honestly wonder if that’s related to the yuckiness of my training lately, even if I am doing it inside.

MOON: Winter malaise… My nemesis.

JENN: Well, we’ll get some good strong California sun soon! Maybe we can do a mini-run on Friday, just a couple miles.

MOON: Sure, sounds like fun!

JENN: Got any good music powering you through the last couple pre-race weeks?

MOON: Wild Beasts have a new single out! That’s all I have going on right now. I plan to put Beethoven’s 9th on the playlist come Wednesday.

JENN: Beethoven’s 9th is pretty magnificent. Speaking of magnificence – on to the roundup!

Run Walk Fastpass Repeat dispenses advice on taking great race day photos.
Through Heather’s Looking Glass features a guest post on things beginning runners should know.
The Adult Side of Disney discusses the new runDisney/New Balance sneaker distribution system.
Will Run for Ears is mysterious as the dark side of the moon.
MousePlanet makes the case that runDisney should offer race insurance.
Just Me and My Running Shoes tries out volunteering at a race.
The Disney Food Blog has some great post-race restaurant suggestions.
A Pinch of Pixie Dust highlights my star-crossed lover, the Cake Cup. Someday. Someday.

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    And have a great time at Tinkerbell. BUT MOSTLY GIVE IN AND LOVE FROZEN.

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