In Which Jenn & Moon Are Headed to Disneyland for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Tinker Bell Half

JENN: Let’s talk Tinker Bell Half Marathon goals!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon medals
Primary goal: get something like this around our necks.

MOON: What’s your biggest goal?

JENN: My goal is to have the race done in time that we can shower and change before Disneyland opens! We’re in corral B, so it could happen. BUT they’re also offering post-race massages for $1 a minute… I can’t say I’m not a little torn.

MOON: Well, the massage will be all you. I’m afraid of massages.

JENN: Really? I’ve actually never had a real one. But I don’t want to make you hang around waiting for me!

MOON: No, no! Nothing would make me happier than a happy Jenn.

JENN: Oh, a Jenn that makes rope drop at a Disney park is a very happy Jenn indeed. Let’s just stick with that one!

MOON: So, how has your week been so far? Did you stick to walking?

JENN: I actually ran on Tuesday! I wasn’t a bolt of lightning but it was fine. I feel better about the race now. How was your Tuesday run?

MOON: …Don’t kill me. But, I freaked out about getting the weeks mixed up and ran 13.1 today. I was scared that Sunday would come and I wouldn’t be able to do it all the sudden.

JENN: Are your legs tired?! Don’t run anymore this week until our mini-run on Friday!

MOON: That’s the plan.

JENN: Good. 🙂

MOON: New PR, though!

JENN: Awesome!

MOON: The one redeeming factor.

JENN: So what’s your race goal?

MOON: I am feeling rather superstitious and would rather not say! When we do our recap, I’ll come out with it then (even if I don’t make it!).

JENN: Haha, okay.

MOON: Honestly, I’m scared of being lost in a sea of people. I think that’s going to hurt us the most.

JENN: Well, there are more corrals, so the herd’s been thinned, hopefully. That should help. And corral B should move faster as a whole.

MOON: What’s your goal?

JENN: To be done before Disneyland opens! That’s all.

MOON: Can we have some numbers? Some of us do not know when Disneyland opens 😉

JENN: 9AM that day. Honestly, Moon, it’s like I’m the one doing all the planning. 😉

MOON: HA. That’s because you are, my dear.

JENN: And that’s how I like it!

MOON: I follow where Jenn goes. But, at least I know the race is Sunday, Expo is Saturday, and we’re leaving Friday.

JENN: Correct x3! Well done!

So… I’m thinking if we pull a 2:30 and shower fast we should be able to make it?

MOON: I think that’s doable! Yay!

JENN: Do you have any goals for CA generally? Things To Do?

MOON: I would like to see a redwood tree.

JENN: It’ll take a bit of a road trip north for redwoods, but as long as you can find a good hotspot we should be able to manage it.

I also want to enjoy the sun. It’s quite cold here. I’m under three blankets. This is no way for a girl to live.

JENN: Amen to that!

I want to read a book in the hot tub. Our hotel is supposed to have an amazing pool complex and for once I want to enjoy it.

MOON: What book will you bring?!

JENN: Oh man!! Ummm… I got a new Heinlein novel for Christmas. Or maybe I’ll bring something to re-read. Something fun, like The Phantom Tollbooth. Or maybe The Last Unicorn! So many options…

MOON: I’ll have to make some decisions pretty soon. I just finished a book, so tonight I’m scoping out two others.

JENN: Excellent.

MOON: Okay, so we’re all set! Steve Holt!


Anything at Disneyland you’re dying to see?

MOON: OH! So, during my trip to Austin, my boyfriend and I were listening to Patton Oswalt. There’s a bit about Disneyland, actually. He mentioned that you can find out what your Spirit Animal is. I must find out what mine is. I’m rather hoping for something like a hawk, but I hear you can be given a skunk.

JENN: I thought we already knew yours is a flatworm?

MOON: Haven’t spontaneously combusted yet. 😀

JENN: Good show, good show.

MOON: Anyway, I’m sure flatworm will not be an option, so we’ll see what I am within this new pool.

JENN: I myself am excited to ride the Matterhorn! And the Indiana Jones ride! And I understand that it’s a small world will still have its holiday overlay, so that’ll be fun to see. AND with any luck the California Screamin’ roller coaster will actually be functioning this time around.

MOON: I’m suspicious of anything of the roller coaster persuasion…

JENN: I won’t MAKE you go on anything… just ENCOURAGE. 😀

MOON: I’ll do my best! Bring some tissues.

JENN: Awwww. You’ll be great!


In short: we are WAY EXCITED about this long-awaited trip to Disneyland for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon! Who will we see there?! We’ll send out a tweet when we’re headed to the Expo in case anyone wants to hang with us. It’ll be Saturday morning, and I know a lot of you will be doing the 10K at that time, but you never know.

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