The Fairest Week In Review: 1/27


JENN:  Sooooo… we’re back.

MOON:   So….. We’re back, yeah.

JENN: It’s cold here. I want to go back to Disneyland. 🙁

MOON: I want to burrow in a volcano.

JENN: That sounds delightful. You have always wanted to go to Hawaii.

MOON: I hate adjusting to life after a trip. Especially when the temperature difference is 75 degrees.

JENN: Indeed. I’m actually looking at hostel prices in various European countries in the hopes of further delaying the onset of real life.

MOON: If you could go to any COLD country right now, where would you go?

JENN: Cold? Norway. It’s on my shortlist. The springs are hot, the men are tall, and the horses have mohawks.

Sweet, sweet mohawks. (Source)

MOON: You propose a strong argument for Norway.

JENN: I do. But Dublin would be cheaper and I like the cadence of their speech, so the jury’s still out.

MOON: I’d be nearby in Denmark.

JENN: They do have Tivoli. I learned that in Number the Stars! Good book.

MOON: So, what of last week shall we discuss? We had a lot going onnnn.

JENN: We did! We’ll have a race recap and Disneyland recaps later this week, of course.

MOON: Of course.

JENN: But now that we’re back, have you been for a run since?

MOON: Yes!


MOON: I went for a short 5K the morning after we returned. Worked on speed, did well! It was cold.

JENN: Outside?! Lordy.

MOON: I didn’t run outside, haha! But, I had to walk there from my apartment… >_>

JENN: Bad enough. I went for a run on Thursday and gave myself the option of stopping early… naturally I had a GREAT run.

MOON: Yay!

JENN: It was awesome, but I was like WHERE WAS THIS ENERGY DURING THE RACE?!

MOON: Probably still sleeping.

JENN: This is a good point. The Wine and Dine Half in November will be at night. FINALLY, people start to do things in accordance with my internal clock.

MOON: Is this happening on a Saturday or a Sunday? I’ll probably forget ANYWAY, BUT…

JENN: Haha, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a Sunday as per usual. Any good music during your run?

MOON: I kept my playlist from the Tinker Bell Half going. I was hoping I could relive past glory to keep me motivated while running, cold, on the saaaad treadmill. It worked!

JENN: Nice! I listened to “Touch the Sky” from Brave for two hours/11.5 miles on loop. What can I say? I’m as strong as the sea is stormy.

MOON: Haaaa, very good! I believe we had a Twitter conversation going on about this.

JENN: Yes, you suggested that people dare us to try to run for X amount of time ONLY listening to Y song. I am intrigued. And a little scared… Let me just say right now that I DON’T DO LINKIN PARK.

MOON: Same, don’t give me that. It’s gotta be BALLSY, people, or we’re not doing this!

JENN: So let’s hear it, no doubt vast and untapped readership! Hit us in the comments!

And on that note: roundup. I am now EXTRA behind on my blog reading, so as always, if you have a post you’d think I’d like don’t hesitate to comment with the link.

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