In Which Jenn Makes the Cheater’s Grilled Cheese

Goofy sandwich

I do not pretend this is a great idea. I do pretend that it’s a fast and flexible idea. I give you: The Cheater’s Grilled Cheese.

You cheat because you don’t use a pan or grill or anything like that. Yes, you lose out on the buttery goodness of the standard recipe, but you gain the following things:

  • No butter or oil – fewer calories!

  • No cleanup to speak of afterward

  • Fewer supplies needed

  • Super speedy – great for when sick or, shall we say, inebriated

  • Safe – no hot pans or stovetops and no flipping

  • No stovetop? No problem!

Here’s how it works:

1. Assemble your ingredients. Cheese and bread of course, plus whatever fillings you require. The healthier your add-ins, the healthier your sandwich! (Please don’t judge me for the American cheese; I’m a sharp cheddar girl but this is what my roommate likes and I roll with it.)

Grilled cheese

2. Stick your bread in the toaster. Toast to your liking and remove.
3. Stack your cheese and fillings on the bread as you would normally and close ‘er up with the top slice.
4. Put the sandwich on a plate and nuke in the microwave for about 20 seconds – however long it takes for the cheese to melt without bubbling out of the sandwich proper.
5. Consume!

Grilled cheeseGrilled cheese

Yeah, I know – it’s not a PROPER grilled cheese. But you get the crispy bread and gooey cheese tastes of a grilled cheese sandwich with all the advantages listed above. This is great for kitchenettes and dorm rooms and such where you only have access to basic plug-in appliances. Try it and tell me what you think!

What are your favorite food hacks?

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  1. I looked at this title and thought, "NO NO! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE! YOU CAN'T CHEAT AT GRILLED CHEESE!" BUT YOU JUST DID. Can you see my blown mind right now?

    I did a grilled peanut butter sandwich with chocolate chips and banana in a frying pan a few times. That was messy but delicious…

  2. I have to admit, I have actually made some grilled cheeses with this method, when I was trying to be "healthy" and/or I just wanted a grilled cheese sandwich at work. It's not bad. I miss the butter, I'm not going to lie lol. But congrats on being able to admit to the Cheater's Grilled Cheese! It takes a strong person to share such things 🙂

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