The Fairest Week In Review: 3/04

Music notes

JENN: So, the big news of the week, runDisney-wise, was that there is a new half marathon at Disneyland themed to – wait for it – The Avengers. Your thoughts?

MOON: I did laugh out loud when I got that email in my inbox. And no, I haven’t seen the movie.

JENN: Me neither. I… don’t care. Like at all. I have no desire to run this race. Unless runDisney wants to pay for it. I’ll be over here holding my breath.

MOON: Hm. I’d rather do ANYTHING else in CA, thank you very much.

JENN: But a lot of people are into superheroes, I guess, so I’m sure there’ll be an audience.

MOON: Then there’s two opens spaces for the fans!

JENN: Hey, I guess we save money by our lack of enthusiasm, so that’s something.

MOON: The glass is half full.

JENN: Oh, and Wine and Dine Half Marathon registration opened to the public today, although I’d already pre-registered using my handy-dandy WDW Annual Pass privileges. I hope you can come!

MOON: Me too!

JENN: How’s your training been going?

MOON: Not bad! I’ve been making an effort to get to the gym at least 5 days a week. I’m venturing into weights, we’ll see how long my arms last.

JENN: I did some of that that too, out of necessity, since my running has been sucking lately – I wanted to feel like I was accomplishing SOMETHING. I took a total recharge day during the snow day, so hopefully that helps. We’ll see how next week goes.

MOON: The treadmill is just too boring. The warm weather approaches, I KNOW IT. I think that will do us some good.

JENN: Heeere’s hoping. You bust out of your music rut?

MOON: No, not entirely. But last week I had Liz to run with, that was a nice change. I had run a good amount before she arrived and it surprised me how much of a second wind I got when she got there.
I advocate for running buddies.

JENN: I spent the week listening to Flogging Molly. As is so often the case. BUT. This time it was in preparation for seeing them in concert! IT WAS AWESOME.

I recognize that that photo is pretty irrelevant to what this blog is ostensibly about, but I don’t care. I put the post together so I do what I want!

Anyway! Roundup.

Prairie Princess Runners offer healthy travel tips. (Although I once went to the gym at 11:30PM after a conference event, so everything can be overcome! 😉
Run Eat Repeat ponders: can you be addicted to running?
Half Crazy Mama helps with your treadmill woes. And once you’ve read that, try my treadmill interval method post – I hear it’s helped a couple people!
– Speaking of speed, This Runner’s Trials has a great discourse on why it doesn’t ultimately matter.
Food Fitness Fantasy has a wonderful post honoring National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.
Compress with Pink Elephant on Parade. I think I might need to try some of this KT Tape…
Experience a runDisney race retreat with I Run For Wine.

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