Kill/Refurb/Marry: WDW Transportation

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I am ever so excited to be taking part is this month’s Kill/Refurb/Marry! I have been a longtime follower of this cross-blog series, but never before had much to say about the covered topics. Well, today all that changes. You could say I’m a first time caller, long time listener – or in other words, strap in, kids, because I have OPINIONS about:


Kill: Any bus “chain” or multi-resort “loop”

Y’know what sucks? When you get on the All-Star Music bus, feeling positively cheerful about life and your journey to Epcot… and then you stop at All-Star Movies and hang out for what feels like FOREVER while eighteen strollers you didn’t see coming slooooowly load, thus killing ten minutes of valuable queuing-at-the-turnstiles time. That’s like fifteen extra people in front of you (none of whom know how to use the readers properly).

But you know what sucks WORSE? When you’re paying to stay at the Boardwalk and it takes eleven thousand years to take the bus to or from ANYWHERE because FIRST you have to stop at the Swan and Dolphin and THEN you have to stop at the Yacht Club and THEN you have to stop at the Beach Club and THEN you stop at the Boardwalk except by that point you probably missed it because you fell asleep. Unless you were standing the whole time. Sorry, man. That sucks.

Basically what I’m saying here is, man up and give every resort its own bus, Disney. We are not a carpool. KILL THE BUS CHAINS.

You are smart, you are pretty, and gosh darn it, you deserve your own bus!

Refurb: Friendship Boats

Okay, admittedly I’m on shaky ground here because I’m taken a Friendship boat, like, ONCE, but I just can’t seem to get a handle on them. When do they show up? Where exactly do they go? I know there’s that one that goes to Downtown Disney, and then one that goes to the Boardwalk resorts… Admittedly it might be my own fault for not trying them out more, but the boats seem so slow and unreliable. There needs to be a clear schedule and separate docks for boats going separate places and maybe you could speed things up a little? Nothing crazy, mind you, but some of us have ADRs to catch. Or stop advertising the boats as transportation at all and make them entirely about the pleasure of being on the water.

I don’t want to kill them off completely because there’s something inherently charming about boat travel, but I think the system needs an overhaul.

WDW boat transportation

Marry: My Own Two Feet

Obviously when I first considered WDW transportation my first thought was “MARRY THE MONORAIL!!!” And I DO love the monorail dearly. Even seeing it makes my day, not to mention a good photo better. And riding it? Love! Do you have any idea how often “Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas” comes up in my everyday conversations? I adore my highway in the sky.


You know what’s even better? Strolling through the International Gateway over to the Boardwalk resorts. Taking the walkway between the Boardwalk area and the Studios. The path between the Contemporary and the Magic Kingdom. The loop around the Seven Seas Lagoon.

What Disneyland takes for granted is an option offered but rarely in Walt Disney World, but every time you can – it’s wonderful to walk. To say: now I shall go! And then start. No waiting for buses or monorails or boats to show up. Moving as slowly or as quickly as you like. Jostling no one, holding tight to nothing. Perhaps simply walking does not scream DISNEY! as loudly as some other options… but it allows a level of control offered by nothing else.

Good job, feet. Keep it up.


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