The Fairest Week In Review: 9/24

Elizabeth Moon

JENN: Ladies and gentlemen, Moon is rather busy this week, so I’ve instead pulled in the intrepid Elizabeth for this week’s week in review. She’s running a 5K this weekend!

La Cava
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ELIZABETH: Well… I know you ran the Light House Half Marathon a few years ago! And I have been on a mission this year to find more things to do close to home, so this seemed like a good opportunity! It’s benefiting the local homeless shelter, which I approve of, and the route goes around Quiet Waters Park, which is weirdly swanky for a park, in my opinion.

JENN: This is your… third 5K?


JENN: What are your goals?

ELIZABETH: So far I have never had a time less than 40 minutes, but I’m really in it out of competitiveness, more just that I’d like to have a bit more stamina and spend some time outside!

JENN: Is the 5K timed? Do you have chips in your bib’n stuff?

ELIZABETH: I believe so, yes, and I can find out my time afterwards if I check a website.

JENN: Do you have an official time to beat? Not that you need to, of course, but it’s fun to know, I think. ☺

ELIZABETH: I… think the last time I ran a 5K (almost a year ago) my time was 48 minutes. Which is… barely better than walking, so I suppose if I beat that, I will be satisfied. Not that I have done much prep other than speed walking.

JENN: Hey, any speed is faster than no speed at all!

ELIZABETH: Very true.

JENN: Anyone going with you? I totally would but I have a 20 miler on the docket, so…

ELIZABETH: Haha, actually no, no one else was around, but I’ll be curious to see if I recognize anyone from the area there. I’m trying to convince one of my roommates to come, but she’s all “that’s very early in the morning…”

JENN: She is not entirely without a point.

ELIZABETH: Yeah, I kinda wish they’d start these things a bit later, but ah well!

I am also excited to have an opportunity to use my NEON ORANGE running shoes. Which I got on a discount, I assume because no one liked the color. Oh, and mini-rant: I partly moved to Annapolis so I could walk places, but people are always shocked to hear that I walk home after dark. I get that bad things can happen, but come on, people!

JENN: Did you have them fitted?

ELIZABETH: I went to Fleet Feet and had the whole shoe-fitting experience, yes. They told me I was flat-footed, which was no surprise. But at least that confirms what I have known for years.

JENN: I hear flat feet are way strong.

ELIZABETH: I suppose, but my knees tend to get sore before my feet do, which is a problem associated with flat feet. But good shoes help!

JENN: We’re totally going to turn you into a runner. I’ll be dragging you to WDW for a half marathon yet! Or, you know, a 10K, anyway. ☺

I’ll totally be pestering Elizabeth for a recap post. In the meantime: roundup!

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