The Fairest Week In Review: 11/17

Parks and Rec everything hurts

JENN: All right! So, I understand no running has occurred but you have an exciting reason?

MOON: Well, running occurred before Tuesday, but on Tuesday… Well, it’s not that exciting, really. I just fell on the street.

JENN: Oh no! Are you okay?!

MOON: The fall was pretty nasty. Phone, keys went flying (although I kept my shoes) My hip got pretty smashed. I still can’t lift my leg. I’ve discovered this past week that you kind of need your hip for most things.

Official FROA injury mascot.

JENN: Yeah, it’s helpful… Have you been checked out?!

MOON: So, I called Christian [bf = med student]. It definitely wasn’t broken because I could still get up and everything, so I decided to wait on getting it looked at. I also had to drive to Long Island on Thursday morning and had work pretty much until that time. This is a terrible excuse, but I had a wedding to attend, dammit.

JENN: Ah, yes, wedding cake and pretty dresses are VERY IMPORTANT.

MOON: Eighteen course Chinese banquet? Yeeeeeah. Well, more like five for me since most of it was meat, but still. I’m glad I went. The wedding was awesome. I heard the best vows of my life. I also got to dog sit!

JENN: So lucky!!!

MOON: Yeah, it was pretty awesome. The only downside was a lot of walking.

JENN: So how’s your hip now?

MOON: Still limping, but I do feel improvement. I had packed all my running gear because I knew I would finally have a few days of relative ease but, that didn’t happen.

JENN: Awww. In a couple weeks, once your hip has healed – maybe over the holidays!

MOON: I had just gotten my run back onnnnn.

I know. 🙁 I can relate – last year it totally sucked when I busted my foot.


JENN: I’m sorry. 🙁 I hope it gets better soon!

MOON: So, let’s hear about you!

JENN: Nothing much to report – week after the Quarter Marathon (recap coming up tomorrow) so I was kinda making up for lost miles. Plan to do one more light-ish week this week and then the week after that I’m gonna jump back in training for the WDW Marathon.

Speaking of running and Disney… to the roundup!

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