The Fairest Week In Review: 5/11


Happy cutback week, everybody!

Yes, it’s the annual week of my ballet show, which means I will be crazy busy all week with rehearsals and performances and all that nonsense. I could, theoretically, get up early in the morning to squeeze in my usual run schedule, but I’ll be exhausted enough as it is. Anyway, everyone needs a cutback week now and again, right?

Besides, it’s not even a full cutback – I knocked out a speed run on Sunday morning and a long run yesterday. But that’s it and that’s all. No more running until Monday!

I do plan to take a few afternoon walks.

And so now I dance off into the sunset, leaving you alone with the roundup.

Begin giggling now: Back At Square Zero explains what fartleks are and how to do ’em.
Fairytales & Fitness engages in foot pain management.
Half Crazy Mama goes commando while running. Me too!
This Fairytale Life explains the new way to get your runDisney race photos.
Running at Disney describes running the inaugural Kessel Run Challenge.
Hulk Hogan once filmed a TV show at WDW and Touring Plans knows ALL ABOUT IT.
A Pinch of Pixie Dust gets the most out of the Studios’ new Star Wars Launch Bay.
The Disney Hipsters are back from WDW and have the awesome pics to prove it.
– And now for a thorough investigate of Disney foodstuffs: eat DCL food with Disney In Your Day, Magic Kingdom Snacks with WDW for Grownups, new Studios whoopie pies with The Disney Blog, and Afternoon Tea at the Beach Club with Gluten Free & Dairy Free in WDW.

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