The First Photos: WDW & Disneyland, 2013 – 2016

Finishing up the Disney portion of my First Photos series. (And catch my Last Photos series here.)

The year: 2013
The companion(s): Moon
The title of the album: I Know Every Mile Will Be Worth My While
The why: An otherwise mundane photo, but Moon and I tremendously enjoyed that our Magical Express driver’s name was Rockland Steel. ROCKLAND STEEL.

The year: 2013
The companion(s): My mom
The title of the album: Look for the bare necessities
The why: I was all confused and out of sorts stepping away from my beloved Pop Century, so I grounded myself with a snap of All Star Music’s gift shop.

The year: 2014
The companions: Moon
The title of the album: You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!
The why: Moon’s version of this photo is way better; in it, Disneyland comes out of my head. (Moon says: It may as well.)

The year: 2014
The companion(s): Many wonderful bloggers and buddies
The title of the album: Y’know, for a clownfish he’s not that funny
The why: I took this photo out the window of our Magical Express bus as we entered WDW proper and immediately texted it to my boyfriend, a portent of things to come. Which brings us to…

The year: 2015
The companion(s): My boyfriend
The title of the album: Thank you, Florida (where my Silicon Valley peeps at?)
The why: I’m walkin’ right down the middle of Main Street, USA! It’s the heart of America; the heartbeat of a holidAAAAAAY-AY-AY-AY! NO YOU SHUT UP.

The year: 2015
The companion(s): Elizabeth
The title of the album: The thingamabob that does the job
The why: Behold the mighty runDisney expo! IT WILL CRUSH YOU AND NOT EVEN CARE.

The year: 2016
The companion(s): None!
The title of the album: A very merry unbirthday to me
The why: Blogger rule #1: when you eat food, ALWAYS TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH. Anyway, this is sushi from Morimoto Asia. It was okay.

Next up: Universal Studios!

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