The Fairest Week In Review: 1/03

Life is happening

Hi! Hello! It’s been awhile! A very eventful while! 

I have two weeks of workouts among other things to list here, so let’s get right to it:

Sunday, Dec 16 | ran 5.29 miles outside in 55 minutes

Monday, Dec 17 | walked 2.4 miles outside in 40 minutes

Tuesday, Dec 18 | ran 5.32 miles outside in 55 minutes; 55 minute ballet class

Last ballet class of the year!

Wednesday, Dec 19 | ran 5.23 miles outside in 55 minutes

Also took the day off and went to visit Elizabeth in Annapolis! They have all sorts of pretty decorations up downtown.

Thursday, Dec 20 | walked 2.1 miles outside in 35 minutes

Last work day of the year!

Friday, December 21 | ran 9.28 miles outside in 1:30

It was a beautiful, sunshine-y day, and Ke$ha powered me through what for me was a magnificent outdoor run.

Saturday, December 22 | rest

Probably I did something Christmas-y? I don’t remember; it was all so long ago.

Sunday, December 23 | ran 5.17 miles outside in 55 minutes

Pseudo-Christmas with my parents since they were going to NJ for proper Christmas. I mostly received money for airline tickets to feed my WDW addiction. I’m very practical that way. >D

Monday, December 24 | ran 3.3 miles outside in 30 minutes

For some reason my planned Christmas Eve run of 5 miles felt insurmountable, but when I offered myself 3 miles instead I was able to get out the door.

Tuesday, December 25 | rest


Wednesday, December 26 | ran 3.22 miles outside in 30 minutes

Thus beginning my traditional post-Christmas 5K run streak. Also, it was my birthday. And also, Pat asked me to marry him. NBD. (!!!)

Thursday, December 27 | ran 3.2 miles outside in 30 minutes

Friday, December 28 | ran 3.48 miles outside in 35 minutes

Took the opportunity to run in a different part of the neighborhood.

Saturday, December 29 | ran 3.25 miles outside in 30 minutes

Also took the cats to the vet, where Minxie HOWLED with an uninterrupted fury like a banshee with a butthole (she REALLY hates getting her temperature taken). 

And that catches it up! Hoo, boy. Things are HAPPENING, guys. It’s nice! And you know what happens next? THE WDW MARATHON!!! 33 is shaping up to be my year!

Anyway, who wants to go wedding dress shopping? 

Roundup, play us out:

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