DuoLingo Says: Shut Up About Running

Spanish Buzz Lightyear

Ever since we moved to Puerto Rico we’ve been working on learning Spanish, and everyone knows that one of the first steps of one’s language journey is downloading the DuoLingo app. I like to do my daily session after my workout and before my shower, while I wait for the water to heat up. Or to ramp this post up another way, I came out to have a good shower and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now:

DuoLingo Spanish running story

Okay, so if you don’t speak Spanish, basically what’s happening is that this guy Eddy has a date with a lady named Mimi. The date starts out fine.

DuoLingo Spanish running story

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Eddy annihilates the moment by announcing that he’s running a marathon in September. According to Mimi, this is the fourth time he’s mentioned it so far. HEY.

Oblivious, Eddy suggests that they can have their next date in the park. Ooh, for cute picnic ideas? Mimi wonders. Nope. Eddy wants them to run together.

DuoLingo Spanish running story

Wait, it gets better. Eddy slaps down Mimi’s suggestion that they go to a nice Italian restaurant downtown because it’s too nice and HE CAN’T WEAR HIS SNEAKERS THERE. He bought his sneakers for the marathon. He wears them everywhere!

DuoLingo Spanish running story

Eddy has more to say about his sneakers. For example, they’re fine in the rain. But what if it rains on the day of the marathon? Perish the thought!

That’s the last straw for Mimi. She’s ready to dip.

DuoLingo Spanish running story

Eddy’s like, this girl is clearly into my marathon running and sneakers, and asks for a second date. Mimi responds with a polite, uh, meet me at this coffee shop on the corner tomorrow. She has a surprise for him. Probably the surprise is she will not be there.

Eddy shows up the next morning and… in fact Mimi IS NOT THERE. But wait, what’s this? Another woman RUNS up to Eddy???


Turns out this is a completely different woman Mimi knows named Lizet. Mimi sent her to the date as her proxy. Lizet’s all CHECK MY SNEAKERS I’M RUNNING A MARATHON IN SEPTEMBER.

It seems someone at DuoLingo wants to tell us runners we’re all undateable sneaker-obsessives. But it turns out we just need to find each other! Awwwwww.

But they’re still wrong about one thing: we would neverĀ just wear our running sneakers randomly about. Ya gotta save those babies for the race. Mis zapatillas son demasiado importante para cenar. šŸ˜œ

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