Race Schedule: The Next Generation

I haven’t enumerated my race schedule since October, so I’d say we’re well past due for an update! I mean, not that you can really trust me – the race schedule I plunk down on paper blog post doesn’t always jive with what actually comes to pass. But you’re not above engaging with some wild speculation with me, are you?

Still, let’s start with what I do know for sure – a framework to build the speculation around, if you will…


I’m all registered for these!

Engage Picard

FREEDOM 5K, JULY 2022 – Believe it or not, my first Fourth of July-themed race! I’m not usually a big 5K person, but since I’ll be in North Carolina anyway and am generally starved for races, I figure I might as well. My high-key goal is to beat my distance record!

WINE & DINE HALF MARATHON, NOVEMBER 2022 – An unnecessary financial drain. I am an addict. I have a problem.

WALT DISNEY WORLD MARATHON, JANUARY 2023 – I am an addict and I am fine with it. I have accepted the WDW Marathon into my life as a perennial flower. If it doesn’t bloom, neither do I. Goofy 2024 and Dopey 2025!


Possible but not guaranteed!

Riker runs

MERRY GO RUN 10K, SEPTEMBER 2022 – This NC race literally runs in front of my parents’ house. I can walk to the start line and walk from the finish line. The very height of decadence. And since it’s a small local race, maaaaybe I can place in some category…? (Just kidding. Track kids and fit townies will smoke me.)

BETHESDA TURKEY CHASE 10K, NOVEMBER 2022 – I have no idea if I’ll be in Maryland this year, and they haven’t even updated the website to reflect a 2022, non-virtual event. But if it’s happening and I can swing it, I’d run it again.

WILMINGTON HISTORIC HALF & 5K, DECEMBER 2022While I ran the two-race challenge last year because it was the only option, I found it a very convenient way to get a course-supported long run in before the WDW Marathon. I’m strongly considering doing it again.


More additions to my race schedule

Circumstances have conspired to keep my yearly race totals low starting in 2019 through 2021. 2022 has already been a huge improvement, but is a runner ever really sated when it comes to races? I know I’m not. If nothing else, I can always use the blog content. ;D

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    1. Definitely sketch in Grandma’s Marathon(/the accompanying half if you’d rather of course) plus maybe Springtime Surprise? Let’s see what it is first. >D Plus I’m hoping Hersheypark brings back races; Erika apparently has an AP. Let me know if you’d got any good ones!

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