Disney Makeover Time! Let’s Clean Up My Vanity

Minnie Mouse makeup table

Because everything looks better spackled over with Disney-ness!

As a card-carrying ADHD kid, my approach to organization is simple: first, make a mess. Second, become overwhelmed by the very idea of cleaning up said mess and go do something else, ideally in a different room where you can pretend Step 1 never happened.. There is no Step 3.

No, obviously, there is a step 3, where I inevitably do clean up the mess with varying degrees of success and/or lapsed time. But I have ways to make some activities less painful.

One easy solution is to Disney-ify the activity, duh. So when Shelby of Sincerely Shelby offered to send me* some of her Walt Disney World prints, I knew exactly what to do with them! That’s right: IT’S A VANITY PROJECT.**

* Yup, she let me pick a set for free! But you know I’d never post a dishonest review. Read some other product reviews of mine if you don’t believe me.

** Rim shot.

My makeup vanity is already kinda Disney-fied with Disney makeup and a few touches… but you can’t tell because it is a MESS. A MESS. LOOK AT THIS MESS.

Right? Terrible. In desperate need of help. Certifiable and admissible in court. So to start, I cleared everything off and then wiped down the table and mirror. Whew, already better!

Disney Vanity Project

Next it was time for the tough part: putting everything back. My vanity table is waaay too small. One of these magical somedays when I have a bigger living space, I’ll replace it with a larger setup, but for now, we work with what we got. I did weed out one or two products in the process, which helped.

Now to really pump up the Disney touch!

Disney Vanity Project

Naturally I put my Disney x Colourpop makeup front and center, with my Elsa, Grogu, and Flower eyeshadow palettes in prominent positions. My Gideon’s Bakehouse black cat stickers seemed to work well tucked into the mirror, so I put them back in their original position. Same deal with the Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments, which were original packaging for the NBC lipsticks you can see behind the eyeshadow palettes. But it was still missing something…

Sincerely Shelby Co. to the rescue! I selected the Icons of Magic Collage Kit, which includes 4 prints on glossy photo paper for me to arrange after my preferred fashion. Mine arrived shiny and smudge-free and ready to go.

A lot of people frame them and hang them in a gallery format, but I had another idea up my sleeve. Just need some of that double-sided command tape… et voila! A DIY Disney backsplash!

Cute, right? Not as fancy as getting them matted and framed, but arguably more collage-y, which is in the name, so. 😂 I’m pretty pleased with it!

If you’d like your own collage kit to Disney-ify your space, there’s good news: Sincerely Shelby graciously gave me a discount to share with you all. Click this link to get 10% off your order. (It’s a referral link, but if you’d rather not use it, no worries! Here’s a direct link instead.)

There are lots of different collage sets, including Instagram walls, Mickey’s holiday parties, Star Wars, and more. These would be a slam dunk for dorm decoration, no? Or if you’d rather, digital downloads are available too.

Hope you enjoyed this opportunity to… do… chores… with me? Anyway, my makeup table looks GREAT. I should probably buy more Disney makeup to go on it, right? Right? RIGHT? 😀

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