It’s The Shoe Of The Tiger, It’s The Thrill Of The Run

Shere Khan delightful

Hello again! Sorry for that gap in service; I’ve been on a whirlwind tour of Not My Apartment. First I went to North Carolina (where I ran a 5K!), then over to Maryland for some family time in Ocean City. There I turned my niece on to Meet the Robinsons, dragged everyone through a haunted house dark ride (more on both of those later), and convinced my sister-in-law to try a new running shoe. All in all I think I can call my trip a success.

Ooh, another thing I did while on the mainland was gather up my packages. Some companies are dumb and don’t ship to Puerto Rico, even though we have the USPS here and everything. Harrumph! So when Nike put my beloved Pegasus 38s on sale, I refused to accept their refusal to ship them directly to me. No, instead I shipped a couple discounted pairs to my parents and picked them up in NC. Ha! Take that, Nike!

Nike Pegasus Running Shoes

Normally when running shoes are on sale, I’m willing to take any color the manufacturer wants to discount. I’m cheap like that and sneakers are expensive like that. But in this particular instance, I had my eye on a specific print.

Cast your mind back to my Princess Half Marathon trip report. During our time in Disney Springs, I ran across a mythical pair of tiger Pegasus 38s, the spiritual sister to the cheetah print pair I already had. I was immediately smitten. Buy-at-full-price smitten? Certainly not. Stalk-online-until-they-go-on-sale smitten? Absolutely!

It took a couple months, but I finally have my tiger sneakers. Not only do I have my tiger sneakers, I also have just the Sparkle Athletic visor to wear them with. What can I say? I’m big on tigers. 🐯

The only bad thing is that I love them sooo much I haven’t been able to bring myself to wear them yet. Which I know is ridiculous, because they’re RUNNING SHOES. Ya gotta run in them or the shoes get sad, you know? I’ll get there eventually.

And then, once their 300 to 500 mile career is over, I see these particular shoes deserving the highest honor a running sneaker can receive: retirement not to recycling, not to resale, but to stylish walking shoe. Jenn + Tiger Sneakers 4EVER! Or at least until Nike releases a unicorn pattern…

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