My Thoughts While Watching The Magic Of Walt Disney World (1972)

Cinderella Castle

Hello and welcome back to my favorite blog post series, Thoughts While Watching, where we react to bygone Disney parks media in real time with modern sensibilities. That’s right, we’re judging fashion and cultural policy around here. What could go wrong?

Today we have a lunch-break-friendly, 30 minute gem: “The Magic of Walt Disney World,” a promotional video from 1972. A slice of life from a mere year after the Magic Kingdom opened, it’s a fun little reminder of Walt Disney World’s humble beginnings. There wasn’t even a Grand Floridian for us to not be able to afford to stay at yet!

Like I said, this one’s not too long, so grab an ice cream cone and a Mickey balloon and click play already:


1 “Guests may stay as long as they like.” Oh, sure, and yet they keep sending me check out information. Every trip!

2 Wait, is that Mariachi Cobre playing in the Grand Canyon Concourse?

3 Awww, remember when Cinderella Castle wasn’t pink? And then one day somebody watched Funny Face.

4 Wait, did fake cops with saxophones really terrorize people on Main Street?

5 Okay, but like, everyone has basically the same ice cream cone, so…

6 My kingdom for a shot at Flight to the Moon.

7 I’m sorry, but it’s just not a Magic Kingdom concert without Kurt Russell and some Romulans.

8 HOLD UP. It’s a Small World is definitely capitalized on that tent back there!

9 I wish random Alice characters still rode the teacups. The Walrus but no Carpenter, though? Huh.

10 Speaking of things I miss, I wish they’d bring back the Fife & Drum Corps. Liberty Square or The American Adventure or both.

11 “Lusty” atmosphere, you say? And then you lead with Country Bears? … No, actually, that makes sense. It’s been real, Zeke (‘n Zed ‘n Ted ‘n Fred and a b’ar named Tennessee).

12 AHHH! What is wrong with King Louie?!

13 Oh, is this when everybody was still playing the Jungle Cruise straight? Not everything was better back in the day.


15 Tri-Circle D is 100% on my Disney bucket list.

16 Yay! The immortal Electrical Water Pageant – long may it reign!

17 The Contemporary sure was The ’70s resort for awhile there.


Man. That was nostalgic, and I wasn’t even close to born yet. There’s just something charming about Walt Disney World in its infancy. I guess it was kinda as close to Walt’s vision as it was going to get, you know? Because, uh, Epcot (and I love Epcot) was not it. Whelp, win some lose some.

See ya next time for more Thoughts While Watching! I think we’ll head back to Disneyland again…

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