Try My ’60s & ’70s Running Playlist

My '60s and '70s rock running playlist

We’ve run to classical music. We’ve run to old Hollywood musical music. Today I am proud to present to you: my ’60s and ’70s running playlist! I promise it is SO SO good.

My primary influence for this playlist was NOT initially my parents; I grew up in an almost exclusively classical household. It was in fact my favorite contemporary Pat who initially introduced me to the rock of the ’60s and ’70s, and yeah, I’ll say it: IT. IS. BETTER. Better than what? Everything we’ve got right now, baby!

No, but seriously, in an era where every element of a recording is produced to death, I find the raw sounds of ’60s and ’70s rock to be just what my ears want. Increasingly I find myself eschewing my modern favorites in favor of the likes of this playlist on my runs. It just feels right.

My personal bent is more toward rock, but if your tastes run a different direction, not ALL of these songs are necessarily straight rock. For example, Sam Cooke sneaks in there, because duh. Likewise, a little bit of Motown is good for the soul. Are The Eagles folk or country or rock or some combination thereof? Is Bowie purely pop? Still, I stay faithful to the time period indicated, and that’s what counts.

Ready to travel back in time, only a little? Try my ’60s and ’70s running playlist below on Spotify! Warning: it does not contain the Beatles. This is a Stones blog, thank you very much.

Mick Jagger features heavily on this playlist

Also on Prime Music if you’d rather.

And while we’re here, if you have any recommendations for more vintage music I might be into, lay it on me! I’m always looking for more way to distract myself on long runs.

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  1. I like it! I’ve got a few of those on my general running playlist (Walk This Way and down on the corner plus some other CCR) and I see some I’m gonna try the next time I’m up and running!

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