The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 11/07/23

Disney's Hollywood Studios

It’s trip report time once again! Check out all the posts from this report here. Onward!

Is anyone ever happy on the last day of their Disney trip? No. Never. But we make the best of it!

On this bittersweet goodbye of a morning, we rolled out of bed, performed any last minute ablutions and packing activities, and dragged ourselves out of the room. We made a quick pit stop at the check-out luggage check (remember this is different from bell services at Pop!) before taking our place in a longish but still manageable gondola line over to the Studios.

As Disney regulars, we hadn’t hustled for rope drop, and by the time we arrived at the park the lines were already considerable. We had considered Tower of Terror for our first ride, but the wait was formidable. Runaway Railway looked manageable, though, especially with company, so we headed inside Grauman’s Chinese Theater. I enjoy this ride for its energy and variability, but a part of me will never stop mourning The Great Movie Ride. Dangit, TCM, with a little refurb it coulda been a contender!!

Luckily Gardener Daisy was on hand to cheer us up:

WDW trip report - Gardener Daisy

How does she walk in those shoes? Are they molded to her legs?

By the time we exited Runaway Railway it was almost noon – just in time to rope drop The Brown Derby Lounge just like days of yore. I’ve tried to get in here again using the in-app walk up button and been denied, but we just lined up before opening and were admitted without question. Curious! I’ll definitely be pocketing this info for later. Brown Derby Lounge review to come, obviously.

WDW trip report - Whiskey and mouse ears

From there we headed straight to – wait for it – another bar! We had a second Oga’s Cantina reservation this trip, because why the heck not. This time we were on the diametric opposite of the space, tucked away in the far corner of the bar. Any position with a solid view of DJ Rex is okay by me!

WDW trip report - decor at Oga's Cantina

At this point, and assuming I recall correctly, Tower of Terror was showing a 40 minute wait, which wasn’t so bad. Admittedly by the time we got over there the Cast Member at the back of line estimated this wait time had inflated. Still, we figured it wasn’t likely to get better before we had to go, so we hopped into line. Happily the actual wait time turned out to be around 40 minutes after all, and we were inside a library in due course.

WDW trip report - Tower of Terror on ride photo

Tragically, we had to call it there: it was time to take the long dark journey on the Skyliner back to Pop Century, where we picked up our bags and got an Uber to the airport. Another Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend was behind us.

As always I would like to thank runDisney, for (mostly) being a good deed that shines in a weary world; Erika, for always being game; Becky, for handling my High Anxiety with aplomb; and YOU, for reading the several billion word trip report I wrote describing all of it. Love you for realsies!

Come back next week for just one more post; I still need to slap together my Disney snack roundup. It really is the last post for this trip, I swear!

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