I’m Going Back To The Beginning! My Running Reset

Wilmington Historic Challenge pre-race selfie

After more than eleven years, it was WAAAY past time for a running reset. For a long time my body has been healthy enough to run. I want it to be HEALTHY – no qualifier. Tragically, I think the only way to do that is go back, more or less, to the beginning of my running journey. Don’t worry, I’ll explain!

The Princess Bride Inigo Montoya back to the beginning


You may consider this post a sequel to my post about not running for a couple weeks before the Run Sunset Beach Half Marathon. If you missed that riveting piece of psuedo-journalism, I will sum up: basically my left knee has been giving me a hard time. In an effort to help it heal, I reluctantly accepted that the only solution is real, true, at-length rest.

The race went okay, but for safety, I decided to take another couple weeks off afterward. During this time, I stacked a teetering new epiphany on top of my rest realization: I need to reset my body if I want to run my best. I have been relying on healthy enough for far too long.

For years, I have been spackling over issues with kinesio tape and misguided determination. As long I wasn’t actively in pain pain, I would run, often long distances if that’s where I was in the training cycle. Eventually I would take time off post-race or go on vacation or enjoy my usual post-Christmas break, and that would enable me to beat back the issue… only for it to rear its ugly head again when I inevitably jumped back into my running routine too soon and amped things up too fast.

You wanna know how long I waited to knock out a couple longish runs after all 39.3 miles of the Goofy Challenge? A week and a half.

You wanna know how long I waited to run again after I busted both knees in a fall? Four days.

I have had Achilles issues, IT band issues, and knee issues wax and wane. I have handled them… but I’ve never quite managed to banish them permanently.


The light has dawned and I see the unfortunate truth: my problems are almost certainly compounding. And if I don’t knock it off, I could compound things right into an early running retirement.


What I want is to return to neutral. I want my default mode to be painless. And if I’m really lucky, I would love the kinesio tape to become an occasional tool, not a unavoidable crutch.

Hence my longer than usual post-race rest period. Not only that, but I am easing back into running with incredible caution. It’s driving me nuts how slowly I’m going, really, but I need it. Two miles at a time – that’s it. And you know what? While my knee does feel okay when taped on this short run, there’s still a niggling feeling of discomfort. So I’m taking Friday off. Maybe Monday too if I deem it necessary. However long it takes. 🙁

Parks and Rec everything hurts

It’s awful. But I don’t think there’s any other way to reset my body. And as I noted in my first post about rest, if I push too hard, I may knock myself out of the game entirely. Perish the thought!

That’s how you find me here, with my distressingly low mileage count. I am deep in the trenches of trusting the process. I’m doing my strength training and wishing on a star. My next race isn’t until October. That’s lucky, because it gives me time. And I need all the luck I can get!

Got any tips for active recovery? Lay ’em on me!

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