Wrightsville Beach Marathon Madness

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/13

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present… a post-marathon body in a state that does not worry me! Okay, that’s a weird thing to say. Let me explain. After the Marine Corps Marathon, my inner knee was doing its weird unexplained one-day-delayed pain thing. After the WDW Marathon, my inner knee was fine but my IT Band, which I THOUGHT I had fixed years ago, acted up a bit. After the Wrightsville Beach Marathon last weekend? I am fine!   Frickin’ IT Band.   Well, to be clear, I am definitely stiff and sore in areas. I do think I have some imbalance...

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OK Tape

In Which Jenn Shares Her Preferred IT Band Taping Method

Oh, man, I can’t believe it’s never occurred to me to tell you guys about this IT band technique before! Well, I have told you about it before. But obliquely. You need the details. Q: What the heck am I pattering on about? A: Taping your IT band! Your IT (iliotibial) band, for those who are uninitiated (lucky you), runs along the hip and knee and is vital to stability while running. But I’m not a doctor, so I’ll just leave this Wikipedia article here. I mean, I assume Wikipedia is a doctor. You may recall my personal IT band began acting up last...

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KT Tape IT Band

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/07

Three words: STUPID IT BAND. Yup, my old injury has reared its ugly, ugly head. Mind you, I probably shouldn’t’ve run a 14 miler when I suspected something might be up with it again, but it was on the schedule, okay? WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO??? (Rest. Right. Yeah. Whatever.) The good news is – and I’m gonna go find a giant hunk of wood and knock on it eight to twelve times – the judicious application of KT Tape, an extra rest day or two, and slightly curtailed mileage seems to have tamed the beast. Here’s hoping it keeps...

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Running sneakers

The Fairest Week In Review: 11/15

More running! Hooray! My IT Band has been… pretty good. Every once and awhile I think it might be acting up a little but it’s nothing a little KT Tape hasn’t been able to handle. I do wish that stuff was cheaper, but then it’s nowhere near as expensive as medical bills, so.  I think I might also look into getting some different running shoes for my long runs. Perhaps Black Friday will deliver some worthwhile deals? I almost bought the Nike Odyssey on my last shoe testing trip… but Brooks Ravennas performed well for me for years… thing...

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Parks and Rec everything hurts

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/18

Hey, remember that time when my knee started bothering me and I wrote this whole post about how I took some unscheduled rest days and sometimes you have to do that and then you’re all better yay? Hahahahaha PSYCH. Oh, man, guys. This isn’t good. I have a marathon THIS SATURDAY and while this is self-diagnosed I am 97% sure I’m having IT Band issues. The good news is that I’ve at least been smart enough to rest it and with the judicious application of some KT Tape sent by angels I have improved the situation considerably. The bad news is...

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