Wednesday, March 30, 2016

In Which Jenn Politely Declines Lumiere

It is done.

Because of course of it. All rants aside, how could I not? It's part of the plan. The bottom line is, I always enjoy a runDisney race. I'm still wildly disappointed as to the removal of the nighttime element - I DUN WANNA GET UP AT 3AM AGAIN I RUN BETTER AT NIGHT WAAAAH - but it'll still be a ton of fun. And I guess it'll be nice to be fresh and clean for the after party, even if it does only go until 1am (LAME).

You'll notice, however, that I did not sign up for Lumiere's two course challenge. As much as I would love to, I had to be pragmatic. The cost of the half could already be argued as fiscally irresponsible without tacking the 10k fee on top of it, plus I'd need to get in a day earlier and pay for an additional hotel night. Plus I know I'd desperately want to make it to year five and be Perfectly Lit or whatever the hell they decide to call it, which means a similarly large (or, let's face it, probably larger) expenditure annually for the foreseeable future. Hell, I'm still recovering from the cost of Dopey.

No, I made the right decision. Which is not to say it doesn't make me sad, but there you are.

Now to nab myself a nice comfy reservation at Pop. I'm thinking Saturday through Tuesday to save a little money off those weekend price hikes.

How about you? Will I see you at the race?!

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