Friday, June 9, 2017

In Which Jenn & Pat Are Frozen With Fear At The Haunted Mansion

The trip report proper is over, but we're not done yet - I've still got lots of thoughts, including food reviews and photos! You can see all the posts in this report here. Onward!

It was Pat who spotted the PhotoPass photographer, not me. I blazed right past her in my quest to ride the Haunted Mansion, but he saw and asked if I wanted to stop on the way out. Post doom-buggy exit, we pulled off to the side of the path, just pass the pet cemetery.

The mini photo shoot seemed unremarkable. The photographer took the usual pictures - some long shots showing the whole of the Haunted Mansion, some closer up that highlighted our smiling faces, the only hint of our location the curling design of the iron fence.

Finally, the trick shot: "Look scared," she instructed us. We pantomimed as best we could.

Then we were done. I tapped my Magic Band to connect the photos to my account and we continued on our way.

I was not surprised by the last bit of instructed playacting, being no stranger to "magic shots" or whatever they call them. I assumed the Hitchhiking Ghosts would be superimposed. It was only later, stuck in the Magical Express on our way to the airport, that I accessed the photos and discovered that our picture was so much better than that.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure that isn't right. But as was pointed out to me on Twitter, maybe they thought we looked cold?

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