The Last Photos: WDW & Disneyland, 2013 – 2016

Continuing my Last Photos series, because I can never get enough nostalgia. This catches us up!

The year: 2013
The companion(s): Moon
The title of the album: I Know Every Mile Will Be Worth My While
The why: The trip that started it all: Princess Half Marathon 2013! As we left our scene of triumph to be whisked away by a Magical Express bus, we passed magnificent chalk art by a very talented Cast Member.

The year: 2013
The companion(s): My mom
The title of the album: Look for the bare necessities
The why: The only trip in this list without a race attached. Sitting in the Orlando airport, sulking as we waited for our plane to be called. Trying desperately to cling to the magic by uploading photos to my computer. If you look closely you can see beautiful human-free shots of the Magic Kingdom, courtesy of our early Crystal Palace breakfast ADR that morning.

The year: 2014
The companions: Moon
The title of the album: You can fly! You can fly! You can fly!
The why: My first time in Disneyland for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon! Technically our last photos were taken inside an empty movie theater, but as this is boring I’m cheating and offering this final look at the Disneyland entrance sign.

The year: 2014
The companion(s): Many wonderful bloggers and buddies
The title of the album: Y’know, for a clownfish he’s not that funny
The why: My first Wine & Dine Half! My final photo was one of grief. That seems to be the running theme here, no? I’m fairly certain I remember taking this out the window of the ME bus itself. No, I was not arriving. 🙁

The year: 2015
The companion(s): My boyfriend
The title of the album: Thank you, Florida (where my Silicon Valley peeps at?)
The why: Dopey Challenge trip! We killed a little time waiting for our ME bus by grabbing a few drinks in Port Orleans Riverside’s River Roost bar. Naturally I got an Abita Purple Haze, because ABITA PURPLE HAZE. Oh, and our bartender’s name was Talon, which is pretty awesome.

The year: 2015
The companion(s): Elizabeth
The title of the album: The thingamabob that does the job
The why: Oh, Wine & Dine Quarter Marathon. I snapped this photo of my dress because it was garnering a lot of compliments. Guys, I’m telling you: Hot Topic. Don’t be ashamed.

The year: 2016
The companion(s): None!
The title of the album: A very merry unbirthday to me
The why: My quick, park-less weekend jaunt for the WDW Marathon ended with my riding the monorail on loop. It’s your highway in the sky!

There you have it – all the final photos of which I have some record. I can’t wait to see what future trips hold! In the meantime, maybe I’ll take a look at first photos… keep tuning in to find out!

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