In Which Jenn Is Headed For The Dark Side


Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. TomorrowLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!

Tomorrow we go to Walt Disney World for the Dark Side Half, a brand new race for me! Needless to say I’m hella excited. It’ll be my second time taking Pat, and I’m super psyched to enjoy time with him in my favorite place in the whole world. While I loved loved loved doing the Dopey Challenge, it didn’t make for the most relaxing trip. This time around we’ll be able to slow down a little.

Trip bucket list:

  • Get Pat onto Splash Mountain as many times as humanly possible – an occasion two decades in the making (it was closed when we went in January 2015)

  • Catch Wishes one last time (sniff) from the California Grill

  • Take a picture on the Dark Side Half course with my double, Grand Moff Tarkin (is he there? Please say yes!)

  • Finally get my hair cut in the Harmony Barber Shop – I have an appointment this time

  • Try out some new Disney Springs restaurants, with an emphasis on drinks from Jock Lindsey’s

  • Get the white wine flight from the Brown Derby Lounge assuming it’s still available (Disney’s website still lists it on the menu, so here’s hoping; I WANT CHAMPAGNE, DAMMIT)

  • Get a pic with Anna and Elsa to show Pat’s niece, who is officially on the Frozen train

  • Enjoy my first-ever go round with the Flower & Garden Festival food booths

  • See Rivers of Light or, if the lines are too crazy, at the very least catch some Tree of Life Awakenings

  • Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe Pandora soft opening???

As they say: one more sleep! Man, some things just never get old.

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