In Which Jenn Makes A Fake Food & Wine Festival To-Eat List

Food & Wine Festival

Is it with a heavy heart that I must remind you all that I will not be attending this year’s Food & Wine Festival in Epcot. There will be no Wine & Dine Half Marathon for me. Yes, it was a great three years, pouring rain and curtailed courses and all. But I chose to run the Dark Side Half last April instead, to expand my horizons and whatnot, and I stand by that decision.


How can I not when the first menus for this year’s festival were just released? There is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF this year. Of course. Naturally. I bet they did that on purpose.

I wasn’t going to hurt myself further by looking. But I had to look. And then I was like, well, I won’t be at the festival, but I can make a pretend wishlist, right? For fun and excitement?

So I did. Here it is:

+ means I ate it last year and liked it enough to add it to the list again (NOT THAT IT MATTERS).
– means it was on the list last year but I never got around to trying it.

Booth Item Notes
Active Eats Sweet Avocado Crema with Strawberries, Yellow Cake & Tortilla Streusel Avocado dessert?!
Africa Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz+
Almond Orchard CHAMPAGNE!! Why is the champagne in an almond booth? What happened to its dedicated booth? MYSTERIOUS.
Brazil Pao de Queijo+ Cheese bread, I can never quit you.
Brewer’s Collection Decorated Gingerbread Heart Is it covered in frosting???
Brewer’s Collection Schofferhofer Pomengranate Beer If it’s half as good as their grapefruit beer…
Cheese Studio Cheese Trio Smoked salmon! A cheese tart! A macaroon! WHY AM I NOT GOING WHY WHYYYYY
China Roasted Duck Bao Bun+ Steamed buuuun
Chocolate Studio Dark Chocolate Raspberry Torte+
Craft Beers Scotch Egg Because I don’t think the one I got in Harry Potter Land was legit.
Craft Beers Cheeseburger & Cheddar Cheese Macaroni Handwich ???
Craft Beers Triple Chocolate Milk Stout Cause I dug last year’s milk stout.
Earth Eats No, but actually – Black Raspberry Mead
Farm Fresh All the Ciders
Flavors from Fire Sweet Pancake with Spicy Chipotle Chicken Sausage No seriously, why?????? 🙁
Germany Roast Bratwurst in a Pretzel Roll+ THE PRETZEL ROLL IS BACK AND I’M MISSING IT UGH
Greece Bougatsa Which Is Some Sorta Greek Strudel
Hawaii SPAM HASH! Lovely Spam, wonderful Spam.
India Warm Indian Bread with Dips
India Madras Red Curry I looooooooove curry.
Ireland Roasted Irish Sausage
Ireland Warm Irish Cheddar Cheese & Stout Dip with Brown Bread
Ireland Pumpkin Chair Tea & Caramel Shake
Islands of the Caribbean Quesito – Puffed Pastry with Cream Cheese- I feel like they teased this last year and then didn’t deliver…?
Japan Salmon BLT Sushi Roll WHAT??? HOW AM I MISSING THIS
Mexico Cajeta Mousse Like… cheese mousse?
New Zealand Seared Venison Loin-
Scotland Potato Pancake with Smoked Salmon+
Spain Charcuterie in a Cone
Spain Sweet Olive Oil Cake
Thailand Red Hot Spicy Thai Curry Beef WAAAAAA

And now I’m thoroughly depressed.

Those who are going: please eat these things for me! Tell me how they are! Tweet me pictures! Don’t forget!!!!

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