In Which Jenn’s Baltimore Marathon Photos Tell An Epic Story (About Someone Else)

Baltimore Marathon

One nice perk the Baltimore Marathon offers its participants is free race photos. No $35-for-a-single-photo-file nonsense here!

Mind you, I usually look, shall we say, less than radiant in my race pics, but of course I always check ’em out anyway. And I was scrolling through the available shots, a saga unfolded.

Let’s start from the beginning. Here I am running along happily, because my IT Band hasn’t started misbehaving and I don’t yet wish I were dead.

Baltimore Marathon

And here I am approaching the finish line. I now have an unhappy IT Band and wish I were dead.

Baltimore Marathon

Ah, there I am approaching the finish and – wait. Who’s that guy?

Damn, Tormund sure is coming up fast.

BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH. Step on it!!!

Something tells me I am not the focal point anymore.

The weird thing is, even though the dude was CLEARLY right behind/next to/in front of me for a key portion of the race, I don’t remember him at all. I was very busy nursing my IT Band and wishing I were dead. But thanks to the magic of photography, we get a glimpse into what looks like a wildly exciting story about triumph over adversity and shirts. Technology!

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