In Which Jenn’s Marathon Photos Will Blow You Away

Mini trip report! Read all the posts in this report here.

Did I say I was finished with my WDW Marathon trip report? Just kidding!

See, I let my Annual Pass lapse because I knew I wouldn’t be taking enough trips in the allotted time frame. No doubt I’ll get another – after all, I think we can all agree I have an addiction and I can only be strong for so long. But in the meantime I’m tragically devoid of parks… and perks: restaurant discount, merchandise discounts, and of course, free photo downloads.

Therefore I thought I was out of luck for my marathon photos, BUT – enter the magnificent Kellie, an official MDE buddy who kindly downloaded and forwarded them along. And so I am able to present them to you, on the off chance you want to know what a running Figment looks like, if Figment went through a goth phase.

On that note, I’m going to start with the last photo first, because it is my favorite, and here’s why: my Figment ears have a lot going on in terms of surface area, and enough wind kicked up throughout the race that I had to grab for them a solid five or six times. I was on top of it, and they never got away from me… except for THE VERY SECOND I CROSSED THE FINISH LINE.

And I loved it. Clearly!

More race photos, coming up:


What’s your all-time favorite runDisney photo? Share!

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  1. Ha! They are knee socks Pat got me for Christmas one year that were too tight to maintain their pattern over my killer calves, so they sat in my sock drawer for ages… until one day I had a brainstorm and cut holes in the toes. Et voila: arm warmers!

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