Unwrapped Disney Delights

Thoughts While Watching: Unwrapped’s Disney Delights

Hello and welcome back to my Thoughts While Watching series, where I react in real time to Disney media old and new but mostly old! This next one is oldish – and I hope you’re hungry. It’s time to dive into another “Unwrapped” episode and Disney snacks! I gave the first Disney “Unwrapped” episode, simply titled “Walt Disney World,” the TWW treatment just under a year ago. I think it’s from like 2005, which is just outdated enough to be a good time. The subsequent “Disney Delights” episode came out 5 years later, which makes it… also pretty outdated....

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Ample Hills

In Which Jenn Has Ample Hills Ice Cream For Lunch

Since I spent most of this WDW trip in a conference, I won’t be doing a traditional trip report, but I definitely still have a lot of stuff to tell you about that will be loosely collected under the July 2018 trip keyword. Read on! Picture it: lunchtime. The final day of the conference. I’ve just left my last session of the trip. I walk out of the Swan resort and into the bright sunlight and think: I simply cannot stare down one more conference buffet lunch. I have had all the build-your-own-salad and chicken in chafing dishes I can...

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In Which Jenn Has Lots Of Opinions

I have two modes: I don’t know you that well so I’m not gonna talk much and HERE ARE MY OPINIONS ABOUT EVERYTHING. Since you’re reading this, my blog, presumably of your own free will and with at least a passing interest in my inner workings, allow me to present: a bunch of opinions.  A couple notes. First, the below items are included because I feel that a mini-review might be of some assistance to like-minded folk. I am not going into any great depth, but if you’d like a more exhaustive report, leave a comment and I’ll either expand the topic...

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Mickey ice cream

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Epcot’s Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich Review

It’s trip report time again! I love trip reports! I’m recapping my January 2017 trip to WDW for the marathon. You can see all the posts in this report here. Onward! My history with the brioche ice cream sandwich is lengthy. Since its premiere a few years ago in Epcot’s France pavilion, I have wanted it. It even appears on my WDW to-eat list from April of 2014. That’s how far back this goes. And yet somehow, in the FIVE trips I took between then and November 2016, I had never managed to take that first bite. Often it was because...

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Band of Brothers ice cream

In Which Jenn Makes Her Bucket List For This WDW Trip

I have said this many a time. And it never, never, never gets old. I’M GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going tomorrow! Three days! One marathon! An ocean of joy and ice cream! Ice cream? Ice cream: TRIP CHECKLIST Get some ice cream at either Seashore Sweets or in the form of a brioche ice cream sandwich from France Ride Frozen Ever After and Soarin’ Around the World again Experience DAK at night and Rivers of Light Ride Dinosaur and see if I can pick out the refurb improvements Get my hair cut at the Harmony Barbershop? I...

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The Most Universal Trip Report Of All: Food Reviews

Shall we talk food? I thought so. My Universal Studios trip was brief and not particularly food-filled, but I made time to try some things. Lunch on day one was of course accomplished at The Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley. The offerings are extremely British and rather heavy, but I found a good option in The Ploughman’s Lunch. It’s advertised as for two but they can split the portion and sell it for one if you ask. The Ploughman’s Lunch for One comes with half a Scotch egg, half a roasted tomato, salad, bread, cheese, and some random jelly stuff...

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This area is being refurbished

Kill/Refurb/Marry: Frozen Treats in the Parks

It’s Kill/Refurb/Marry time! This month’s edition of the blog hop concerns favorite frozen treats in the parks. Now, the definition of “frozen treat” may vary from person to person – does ice cream count? If so, does it have to be considered a “novelty” or is Beaches & Cream’s No Way Jose sundae eligible? Alternatively, does it only county if there’s actual ice directly involved, like a slush or smoothie? Where does the Dole Whip fall in all of this?! One could arrive at many interpretations, but where I chose to land was in the “ice cream novelties cart”...

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